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  1. UGH.

    I took two or three courses of this antibiotic (prescribed by my dermatologist) last year, because one just didn't seem to be enough. My skin did improve, but I started breaking out again pretty much straight after coming off of it.

    I've always been a fan of Lush, but I was sceptical when it came to their skincare (I just thought it would be too weak). However, after hearing great things about this soap, I decided to try it out. I stuck to it for about three months (and got through one bar- it lasts for ages considering I used an ample amount twice a day), and my face was almost completely clear apart from the tiny under-the-surface ones that are stubborn as heck and feel rough. For that reason, I moved on to another produc
  3. ?????????

    The first time I tried this was when I was in LA three years ago (it included a spot gel at the time). It worked wonders within about a week, and I continued using it once I got back to the UK. However, it seemed to stop working over the next few weeks and my acne was coming back and getting progressively worse, so I stopped using the set and moved on to the next product (you guys know how it is). I went through loads of different products with varying success, but then earlier this year, I de