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  1. thx for your ads . i can ti figure out how this peeling can heal my pores . these are scarred porred and most of them has this scarring continued pore by pore forming that reticulate ... we call something like fleshy skin ... or something like that i think the only way is to put down those entire superficials layer of skin ... but i know that this has to be an enourmos hazard ill go for some exfoliating cream to see if i can minimize my scarring that is very noticeable ... more that
  2. i ll try thx ! not scheduled nothing otherwise .. if i ll go for a treatment it will be on december ! im collecting as much as possible info. i ll give 3 months for softer trials hope well find our way to get rid in someway of that ! do you have move on something yet ? dear, imagine 1,90 mt guy messing oround cometics in a department store .... not possible! ... may be i could send my sister i see nothing. As for the ppl who seens enlarged pores and this and that, y
  3. i ll do some other research yeah ok but that not fix my problem at all ... if it was not a real problem i would never write this post thx a lot ! weel think about it!! i have refraction problem.... i had a prk laser treatment ... i fix that issue with my eye very well... i m not an eagle ... but who cares !?! i can see ... thx to a laser ! scars we ll be not that problem but a couple of year ... more demand for tecnology more results for anyone of us so i ll be happy
  4. hi friends ... i suffered for seborroic derm since 16y, now am covered by that carpet of scarred pores (cheeks nose and forehead ) that i want to eliminate them. A derm where i live (italy) suggest microdermabrasion . Has someone had scarred pores eliminated or minimized by that treatament ?,or i have to be the first in this fucking entire planet? is there any success story with other treataments !? i know there are people here that suffer for severe scarring ... excuse me if you ca
  5. hallo .. i started today using Loreal microdermabrasion kit result = 0 + 3 h redness scarred pores are there .... may be with 100000 treatment with those kit. i think microdermabrasion is the only way ... i m also interested on that apeel or mandelic acid but i never read of any success with scarred pores problem ... i think thats that treatments are too soft for that! take a look plz i need an opinion .. do you advise some improvment after 1 session?!?!! http://www.giuseppeparodi.
  6. if you have some issue ... you can try to fix those thats enough!...
  7. Zombie thanks very much hope TCA helps you! i read something interesting on that Apeel ... i need to know how to apply these peelings on to scarred pores i m not sure what is the right way i watch your gallery Zombie. thx for sharing you have my skin! a derm here suggest microdermabrasion for scarred pores ... but i fear that much!
  8. i wonder if that Apeel treatment is worth a try ?! i ve same odd problem : scarred pores texture !
  9. Legione

    Pic: My scars

    same problem here ... fucking scarred pores all over the face ... not a problem for you ? point of view... this damn scarred pores are difficult to deal with... and always they get worse with time ! a derm here suggest microdermabrasion ... i fear that much .... good luck !