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  1. Try rubbing the moisturizing between you palms and patting it on your face.. like how you would apply aftershave or toner...somehow it absorbs better for me..
  2. I purchased Sudocrem online from Canada this weekend. I live in the US. The Sudocrem has not arrived yet, so I went to buy Bourdeaux Butt Paste at CVS pharmacy this weekend. I have been applying it to my chin, and spot treating some red marks from old breakouts. So far so good! It's been 5 days and it has definitely reduced some red marks and evend out my complexion around my chin area. It has not caused any clogged pores or breakouts. I'm not sure I will be using the Sudocrem when it arriv
  3. Hi Brandy, or anyone experienced on the Regimen, I've been on the regimen since Nov 28 '06 and I am pretty much cleared up now. Dealing with some fading red marks. I would like to do the regimen only once/day so my red marks can heal faster. Is that recommended? I don't want to make a mistake of doing that and break out. thanks for your advice.
  4. For one month, I've been doing a glass of warm water w/ lemon in the morning, then 2 tsp acv with 16oz water twice/day. Also drinking lots of water throughout the day. I am very impressed! I'm also on DKR. All working extremely well for me.. !! Love it!
  5. I have a friend who is a dermatologist. He recommended that I use BP on affected areas, and Retin-A at night. Most derms are not against BP. But I only use Dan's BP which is enough for me..and very happy with the results.
  6. streamblu r u still on the regimen? bp twice/day?
  7. ooh i see.. u mean boil the water only if it's tap water...i drink warm lemon water every morning.. and i think it helps!
  8. I'm on my 3rd week..very happy so far! I'm about 95% clear! I do have red marks from past breakouts..
  9. why does it have to be boiling water? I use warm water with lemon
  10. Rice Bread..they are pretty good.. Whole Foods has a Gluten free bakery section.. lots of gluten free muffins, breads, cakes, they tastes so good!!
  11. just dilute it with water, rinse your mouth, then eat a piece or cheese or rinse with milk
  12. how long were you off the regimen until u started again? and why did you go off the regimen??
  13. great post..very encouraging...