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  1. Have u tried retin a? It's a form of vitamin a I get it prescription and discounted I only pay 40 for mine.but it will break u out I stopped it did not like the effect it was giving me but alot of ppl swear by this.
  2. Ok I just bought jojoba oil and vitamin c always happy when I buy skin care products anyways I'm skeptic about going back on retin a since it broke me out horribly.plus my face in the meantime is doing fine I'm wondering if I can still use retin a like once a week? I still have annoying redness and I wanna use it for anti aging idk what to do:( It's just since I stopped the acne medicine my skin seems alot happier. to retin a or not to retin a..lol.
  3. Nina are you using moisturizer and or sunscreen u need this with your regime? Acne meds causes irritation than leads to breakouts u need to balance your skin.so don't go overboard on your acne medication as its just gonna break you out even more.try exfoliating 2 times a week try like mon and then fri again but remember to moisturize dayli and if you hate water sorry but your gonna have to learn to love it water is essential for beautiful skin:) good luck! Oh and I would try using baking soda l
  4. I need to try this jojoba do you use it by itself or coat a moisturizer on top?
  5. Yes always use SPF as it is necessary and good for you I hear it even repairs past damage but I'm not so sure? I know it gets rid of hyperpigmentation they suggest to reapply like every 2 to 3 hours but that's too excessive for me..lol. Just one annoying thing about SPF you gotta work it in your skin
  6. Anyways I'm glad to hear you went in to the e.r.stay out of the sun since your skin is at its most sensitive use eucerin SPF I say 30 or 50 I feel the higher is always better.take care:)
  7. Yea it sucks to be allergic because I hear it is really effective at clearing skin. I just use salicidic and that does ok.i had completely stopped my acne medications and my skin looked better less red, it seems that my body is doing its own work so yey to that on the other hand I drank last nite and got 2 pimples by mouth:/ ruined my skin that looked great flawless last nite:(
  8. Please do not do that doesn't sound like a good idea I wouldn't risk it
  9. :0 hope not ugh! That would bum me out more but it make sense I have been using acne meds for an embarrassing 15 years already.i mean from clay mask to toothpaste:( I've done soo much harm to my face ugh:( makes me sad just to think about it.good thing is my skin has been strong troughout all this crap I've put on my face peeled burned smh things we do for beautiful skin and how it can backfire on us or me.
  10. Yes when I wash my face I literally do it just once.but if I want to add a mask or an acne medication I see myself just rinsing with water so many times like 3-4 times a day I feel its a part of my ocd
  11. Thanks! I'm hoping so as well I have mild moderate acne.some days my skin looks good but as soon as I go ocd on my skin and skin pick or add things to my face it gets bad:( I need better control of that its gonna be hard cause its mental and I've been use to all those creams masks lotions well you get the point.ive been on retin A for a while and it will clear me one day break me out the next it's too harsh for my skin so I give up. I'm currently on bc for face its doing ok
  12. I'm giving up my acne medications as they're not doing me any favors and waiting for my referral to the dermatologist wish me luck:(
  13. And hello turnover:) hope your doing well.
  14. Well I'm allergic to bp and ended up in hospital my face seemed like yours if not even worst you couldn't even recognize me.id say drop the bp and don't use it again! As for moisturizers find gentle non comedogenic non fragrant and with no alcohol I hear think gentle if a cleanser burns your eyes that's a bad sigh if a moisturizers stings or feels drying trow em out! Looks like an allergic reaction You actually should go in to your clinic because I literally had like a bad burn from my acne m