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  1. Not very difficult at all if you are willing to try a few things out, Ive healed mine with TCA Cross ACV and Saline, and no i dont buy the Doctor hype either.
  2. Yeah its great that others are seeing results, when this topic first started some people thought Bruin and myself were frauds, It works but for me the scars look worse for a while before they look better, initially they look good but after 2weeks of treatment they can look worse, im happy to report that this is only temporary, my scars have improved out of sight and yes the results are permanent!
  3. Totally agree with you, Notsoscarredforever. And just wanted to add one thing. The thing that's great about this, for me anyway, is that there's no downtime. I've put so many things on my face where I'm so horrified of having to go out the next day. I used 8% TCA (which is supposedly pretty mild), but it makes my skin look awful for a week or more. All wrinkly and gross! I don't want to go out like that. You can control how pink/red your skin gets by how many times you apply each nigh
  4. The great thing about the ACV method is you are, like me getting results, and not spending thousands on lasers and other stuff that yields zero results, My skin looks great and the cost was $3!
  5. Thanks for your positive post Karli, Im amazed by my results, I find it hard to believe that people have made there scars worse with this method unless they poked right through the skin with a toothpick, Before you start any treatment please read the whole thread, that way mistakes can be minimised, common sense should tell you to apply the acv onto the scar, not poke it right through!
  6. well im mid 30s so thats not really relevant, ive had great results with this method on scars that were at least 20 yrs old, so you oldies dont lose hope, it works!
  7. Karli i was planning on doing more rounds but my scars shrunk to the point that id have a hard time applying any acv, id like to point out though that i had done a couple of tca crosses previously.
  8. Karli, I did one round of the acv method around six weeks ago for 2 weeks only (daily) My results are definately permanent, Im just using olay regenerist now, and its maximising my results on a daily basis. Yeah i have no before pics so therse no thing to compare it to, Hey for 3 bucks, why would we be trying to sell something?
  9. At the moment im having even better results with olay regenerist serum, its giving me even better results, following the tca cross and acv method.
  10. when i apply acv on a scar, bubbles are formed and the scar became red the next day. how many days do u wait before resuming the acv method?thanks I just did mine for 2 weeks then stopped, I did not need to do any more, I think Bruin may be able to help though.
  11. Mine took two weeks to bubble, then I stopped, Id stop if you have bubbled as the ACV has done its job, Your scars will look worse at this point, Dont despair its all part of the healing process.
  12. All i got from CO2 Laser was thinned out skin, and more obvious scarring, and an empty bank balance! Id like to point out though that back then my scarring was deep. It may be ok for superficial and shallow scars but if you have deeper scars forget it.
  13. Yeah i had the frosting like bubbles, I stopped using the ACV after two weeks then just used a moisturiser, You could use aloe vera or something similar to speed up the healing, it takes around a month to see the true results, I thought i was healed after a few days but i actually wasnt, You should see more improvement in the next few weeks. Remember to use a sunscreen and keep up taking the vitamin c!