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  1. Hi everybody! I took Accutane for 8 months (started July 07, finished February 08), 40 mg/day (abt. 0.67 mg/kg/day) (I was 15 years and 4 months old, now I'm 15 years 11 months) and, well, my acne is cured, but I noticed I haven't grown since that. Well, I've done a wrist X-ray exam to determine my bone age, and it is 18 yrs now (which means I won't probably grow any taller). My question is: Can Accutane stunt growth? Can it be responsible for my premature epiphyseal closure? Thanks!
  2. I am from Porto Alegre, Brazil Eu sou de Porto Alegre, Brasil Soy de Porto Alegre, Brasil
  3. Are you comparing Cambodia with Brazil? Brazil has, of course, a western lifestyle.