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  1. Alright. So i dont know what has changed lately. Ive been using the same regimen since christmas. It was working great, then I ran out of the shaving cream and stopped using the good kind i liked. Got a little worse. Then i figure, hey, Walmart imitation Cetaphil is just as good.....got a little worse. Now ive come to this stage. Main Topic: Ive been getting these really shallow pimples on my chin, mostly where the crease/bending of the bottom lip would be. This has always been a tough spot of
  2. So i just bought a bottle of cetaphil cleanser. Since its non-foaming, its hard to determine how much to use. Anyone got a good amount, like finger length or something? For tonight I just used about a quarter size. Its strange because since i dont see foam, it feels like its not actually cleaning my skin =\ Hopefully this works out though =) Thanks in advance!
  3. its strange, i was actually thinking the same thing too. When using my proactiv bp lotion I only used as much as about a fingernail. Switching to the CS gel, i started using a full finger length. The surprising part is that I actually found my skin softer and less flakey. Some nights I feel like I dont even need to moisturize (though i do anyway just as a precaution lol) Its a good product, at least give it a try =)
  4. The gel arrived today, which was very surprising considering i ordered it just last Friday. Ill be using it in about an hour to start off the new regimen. Im slowly finding myself wandering off the ProActiv reg. No toner, no bp gel anymore (starting from now on). Its a lot cheaper. Just to order the repairing lotion bp lotion was about 23 dollars. I ordered 3 bottles for just under 34. Im a little worried about the change-over purge, if any, but ill let you know how it goes. My g/f is also going
  5. might as well give it a go. girlfriend wont like it lol thats ok though, its basically: girlfriend+masturbation = massive breakout ; girlfriend= breakout I can handle the slight improvement.
  6. Im actually really liking this stuff. Its not drying at all and makes my face feel a good kind of tight, not a dry kind. Ill keep you updated. Also decided to up it a little on bp. Right now it burns a bit more in certain places, but otherwise it seems to be better.
  7. The only toner ive ever used has been proactiv toner, so I wouldnt know. Ive actually stopped using it because ive heard the proactiv stuff doesnt do anything and with me personally I seem to break out in small bumps when I use it. Maybe I do need a toner though? Im not sure.
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  9. I dont know, maybe it was just because I went back to bed and actually woke up when I wanted to, but my face looks better lol. I washed and did my routine this morning before going back to sleep, also used a better brand of calamine lotion (caladryl, the other stuff was a "compares with active ingredients in caladryl" kind) My faces feels a little tight right now, but its not a dry tight. Im really not sure how to explain it.....I gotta stop touching it! lol Thanks for your input though =)
  10. Added my gallery. Man do I look bad. Ill take some more pictures later today before I go to a friends party (all outside, in the bright sun, which im dreading)
  11. its funny you mention the gradually tanning stuff, when I picked up my stuff, my girlfriend picked up that lol. And yes, trust me, ive spent so long just looking at other products. But there is always that "what if?" question in the back off your mind. What if this "product here" actually works better? God it all sucks.
  12. *sigh* Well, thats why im giving it a try. There are hardly any reviews for the stuff. Someone has to do it. edit: brutally honest or not, you are a major downer.
  13. Drugstore.com Alright. So I ran out of my current cleanser (Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Cleanser) and decided I wanted to try this whole oxygenating gimmick, and hopefully it does more than i expect. Ive only used it once. and that was tonight, but Im not going to count that as my start. Im at my girlfriends house so I cant do any of my routine other then wash and lotion (leaving out exfoliating, shaving, and bp) At first, I was a little skeptical because of the price. I bought it for $6.99 at a
  14. I was wondering, since im just about out of my current face wash, if I were to change my face wash to another kind, such as the Clean & Clear Oxygenating Fizzing Cleanser, would any purge effects take place? Ive switched brands before, but never really took notice or attributed any acne to the switching of cleansers. This oxygenating cleanser seems really appealing to me and I hear good things from reviews, and especially since im almost out of my current stuff (Neutrogena, Oil-Free Acne Was