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  1. YESSSS! I agree! I have tried this before. YESSSS, LEO IS FULL OF SHIT! ) Basically, he is trying to kill you instead! Oh boy! Thank God, I saved myself. ha..
  2. I really have this theory from my own experience.. and have never seen anyone saying this theory before. A liquid metabloism theory.. I have noticed that I drink less.. Drink as much as I am thrist for. That is it. It does well. Only drink on Water.. I decided to bring milk back to my diet.. because i loved it.. But i have no control. I drink more than I am thrist for. So, I believe that plenty of liqupid in my body that affects digestion.. Unsmoothing the digestion may send the pus to the skin.
  3. Exercising.. No AC.. Sweating all the way.. It will rejuvente your skin. That is what summer is for.
  4. Ah, recently I have noticed that sugar seems essential to balance the sodium intake. Hmm? I guess this man handles without sugar fine.
  5. And gotta watch your sodium intake because if you are eating high in sodium and low in potassium, it is easy to make you thrist. So, it will be easier to do this method if you dont eat high in sodium unless to have apple with the meal too. because apple is high in potassium. Generally, all the fruits and vegetables are "potassium" food. Potassium and sodium are mineral. ok.
  6. Dices15, agreed with you. Drinking too much in between is not good still. Just drink as much as you are thrist for.
  7. Yeahh!!! I have been really suspecting that drinking too much or in bad timing cause acne for me. I have tried alot of things. Alot of strict diet experiment.. So I felt like I tried alot alot enough to leave it to only drinking theory or hypothesis.. So I tried this for last a month, my skin is getting better. So basically, I drink only I am thrist. Nothing more than that. I do drink milk before eating meal. Sometimes even wtih meal. Hmm. Just crave for it. But Basically, I keep drinking to mi
  8. AC, so what will you do with this then? It sounds like you may have to go through breakouts to let your bowel heal? Like a "detox"?
  9. Lets try to not take any supplement. And let your bowel handle on its own. It is natural. To not have a bowel movement in the morning doesnt mean it is something wrong. Yeah, I agree with Denise. Fiber from food is good for your bowel. I believe you are already doing this. Hmm, I know about leo's program. I dont recommend his program diet really because it is unbalance. 90% of ur diet should be vegetable, that doesnt sound right to me. I did try Leo's program but ended up unsuccessful. So I am m
  10. Ah, thank you for letting me know. Hmm, yeah then its not answer to ance, eh. Wow, run four miles everyday. Sound good. I plan to run three miles nearly daily.
  11. I am curious if any one of you doing cardio exercise because I have added cardio exercise to my daily regimen and it ended up a major rejuvenation to my skin ever compared with bowel and liver cleaning! Impressive. And lately I realize how celebrities look so good.. because they execrise too. Now I believe that to not execrise is a presciption to degeneration in health. So, I wonder if anyone still have acne and have been doing cardio execrise? FYI I still have acne but my skin looks better.
  12. Generally yeah.. Actually I am used to it. I will enjoy my life more if I have clear skin. So I am going for it. Only thing I dont like about living in where there is no really good place to eat out. But I would like to complete this detox thing anytime soon.
  13. Hmm, I dont know if what I did that u havent done. What about bowel cleanse? Actually i have done alot from topical treatment and oral antibotic to diet and detoxication. If you plan to do liver flush again, lets try lemon juice along with olive oil because lemon may has more acid than grapefruit. I dont know yet. but people said grapefruit does as good as lemon. I just finally added cardio exercise to my regimen. I just felt like I really need to do to wake up my body even though I have bee
  14. Denise, how many liver flush have u done? Are are stone free yet?
  15. Whew that I am not taking any supplement but a fish oil.