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  1. Well it's been over a year now since I've been on Accutane and I've still gotten basically zero acne ever since. It truly is a miracle drug
  2. The side effects that you will experience depend on a couple different things. The first thing that determines your side effects in my opinion is what kind of dosage you are on. If you're on a weaker dosage such as 20mg a day or 40mg per day then you will have a lower chance of experiencing side effects compared to someone taking a higher dosage such as 60mg or 80mg per day. The second thing is that some side effects are extremely common whereas others are really rare and it's just a matter of
  3. I don't remember it being really bad when I first started my course. However it did get bad when I got my Initial Breakout. After the IB my SD went back to normal for the most part.
  4. Hey man. Unfortunately I still have my seborrheic dermatitis but I think it's gotten a little bit better after taking Accutane, still no miracles although I consider having no more acne a miracle :P. But ya it's never gone away, I still get it on my face and scalp sometimes but I do use the creams and shampoos for seborrheic dermatitis far less. Actually I've completely stopped using my medicated shampoo and instead I just use water or head & shoulders shampoo twice a week. But it still does
  5. That's awesome! The best piece of advice i can give you is to just be patient when waiting for results, especially if you're on a lower dosage. I really didn't see results until around the 7th and 8th month of my treatment.
  6. Here's a couple of pictures that I just took of myself yesterday. As you can see there's completely no acne any-more on my body and face. I've almost been off Accutane for 1 year now and so I highly doubt at this point that my acne will ever come back, and if it does I will gladly go on another long low dose of Accutane again. Unfortunately I never took any pictures of my acne until I started Accutane so I don't really have any pictures of when my acne was bad enough to compare how
  7. Same here bro. I've been off Accutane for almost a year now and my acne has never come back. Going on Accutane has seriously been one of the best decisions of my life. I'm going to post a picture update next week. I'm glad to hear your acne is gone too man.
  8. My skin is still completely acne free. It's funny how now that my acne is gone and has been gone for over 2 months, I've become super lazy in regards to updating this log. Whereas when I still had acne and was on Accutane, I was more passionate about my acne and i was reading more about acne on the internet and reading other peoples logs and stuff. I guess it's because whenever I used to look in the mirror, i was always reminded about acne and now the concept of having a big ole white head or pi
  9. Well as of today it's been 41 days since I've taken my last Accutane pill. Since my last update I've pretty much gotten zero acne except for maybe 2-3 tiny white heads that disappeared within 24 hours. I didn't post any pictures of my back this time because I've been getting zero acne on my back but I still want it to heal more so that when I post my next picture update in a month, you can see the progression even better. Here's the picture of my skin that I took this morning.
  10. Here's the pictures that I took this morning. My face still has lots of healing to do but I'm very happy with the progress so far.
  11. Well i took my very last Accutane pill on Thursday February 19th. I can't believe it's been over 8 months since I took my first pill. Just to recap I've been taking one 40mg Accutane pill everyday after eating dinner for 8 months (since June 20th). Between month 6 and now I've had maybe 3 pimples that were pretty small and didn't last very long. I plan on posting a picture update of my skin on Monday. Now that I'm off Accutane and not breaking out anymore my skin can finally heal all of the old
  12. Accutane works guys, or at least it does for me. I've only gotten 3 pimples in the span of 1-2 months and only one of those were white heads. I still have approximately 45 days left of Accutane. It's funny how this morning I noticed this tiny white head on my chin and It felt so weird seeing a white head on my face since It's been so long since I have seen one. I really want to post another picture update soon but I'm just really busy and also lazy, but I promise I will post another picture upda
  13. So I got my prescription renewed and in total this will be an 8 month Accutane course for me. Today is day 164 and I have 76 days left of Accutane. I haven't gotten any significant acne in around 3 weeks now and my skin is healing everyday. I'm very confident that after this 8 month course I will hopefully never have to deal with acne ever again. As far as side effects go, I still have the usual dry lips. I love you Accutane