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  1. How much did you manage to get the lamps for? Have you ordered them?
  2. I highly recommend the LED MAN, i have just purchased from him and he is very helpful and firendly in providing a decent service. Mention Snowman and he will look after you. I do dermaroller with terproline and will add this into regime as mentioned by Lamar
  3. Hey artic After dermaroller you will be very red like a tomato, this will last between 3-5 days . As for accomodation i only live outside of london so havent needed to stay overnight but try this website should do the trick for booking something near enough hotel
  4. I think Dr.Teixeira will use the 3mm on me. What kind of research are you doing BTW? are you sure it is the 3mm one?? i thought they use the ms4 model at hammersmith which is 1.5mm. ask dr. teix eirawhen you see her
  5. Hey charl i think the best thing for you to do would be to ask dr chu if he recommends a course of dermarolling for your scarring as you have heard it is a popular method to help with scar treatment. See what he says to that. I personally do not think dermrolling is useful in treating anything but shallow scarring
  6. Good on you moon, glad you went ahead to the hammersmith and i hope you heal up well!
  7. The terproline that is sold by Dr Chu is part of the PROFESSIONAL RANGE (from derms only) It is more potent than the normal range that can be purchased from places such as SKINMED I payed £50 i think for a 100ml of it Lemar where did you purchase your dermaroller? which one would you recommend to use in conjunction with terproline and vit c serum as i am in need of a new one.
  8. Snowman

    DR Chu

    xAB Glad you ve had good improvements with the dermaroller. Did you use any topicals post dermaroll??
  9. Hi January31 I can provide you with his email address if you PM me i ll send it to you. And i mean i am using it post a medical dermaroller treatment (MS4) as opposed to the home dermaroller.