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    best movie = the usual suspects no contest
  1. I read that it is better to start with a weaker cp solution before moving up to something like super cp serum. Is this just companies trying to sell more by making you buy more products or should super cp serum actually be worked up to? Thanks, bob
  2. I think its when you apply emu oil after the topical... http://www.skinbio.com/usingsrcps.html
  3. I had to stop a month early (after 5 months) cause of my bitch of a insurance company....luckily though my acne is all gone.
  4. so scars are literally dents on the skin? yup either dents or raised skin (due to excess collagen).....there is a post by oursfan at the top of the scars page that explains the different types....... redmarks are just hyperpigmentation that will go away with time (though the process can be sped up)
  5. the most difficult question of all....anyone found a way to make lemon water at school?!?!? hahah
  6. Sorry.... actually talking about my rolling/box scars (only have 3 and not bad) though getting rid of red marks would be a welcome bonus.
  7. Does anyone know how long it takes to accutane to completely leave the body? and How long is it before I can start using a moisturizer with acid or a vinegar spray (I know Maya said months but anyone tried earlier)? Thanks, Bob
  8. I think I am having an IB after being upped to 80mg from 40 after the first month. anyone else get similar circumstances?
  9. actually, i have that but to a much lesser extent. are your lips usually really sensitive?
  10. or at least talk with your derma before doing anything
  11. Day 37 I am getting kind of self conscience at school. My acne is at an all-time low (and not low as in there is not a lot) as my mom told me last night. It really blows because I am starting to wonder what people think about it. God I want to be clear so badly. Anyways I am having some aches in my buttox, and my knee randomly hurt today. I am going to start trying to take a Vit E pill and Omega 3 pill with lunch. Day 38 Got about 4 hours of sleep last night thanks to the lounge haha. A