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  1. It's been a long time since I've posted anything on here, and trust me, that's a good thing. I find that this place has a wealth of good information, but with that, comes a great amount of disinformation. Factless claims based on little scientific evidence, and a lot of inflated paranoia when it comes to the dangers of certain acne treatments. But I guess that comes with the territory, and it's certainly outweighed by the DIY attitude and at home experimentation that has brought about many valua
  2. call me crazy but i wash my face with head & shoulders and then apply epiduo and i still dont get any burns or irritation like everyone here talks about. there was an initial breakout but its minimal considering head & shoulders dries your face quite a bit so the acne you do get is very small and dried up. my advice to people starting out would be to wash with h&s shampoo, then apply a PEA size of epiduo before bed. i stress PEA because you only need a smidgen of this stuff for it to
  3. no. second hand smoke is even a debatable issue whether it causes increased risk of lung cancer.
  4. niacin is a b-vitamin and it has cured some peoples acne. didn't cure mine, but i did see improvements and I'd suggest it as a possible treatment. for some it has worked better than accutane.
  5. i think after the 2nd course you should have got the message that accutane won't help with your acne condition. and i think the fact that you blame every single health problem you have on the drug is becoming more destructive to not only your physical, but mental health. maybe accutane did cause all of those problems, but saying that with no evidence and just using it as a scapegoat is perpetuating and giving you a reason to be "stupid" or in your words "not think clearly".
  6. this is confusing to read. aren't all creams oil based? so what makes this special again?
  7. yea theres a big chance of remission. and spending up to 3000 dollars wouldnt be worth it in my books considering your age. wait till you're 18 when you are at the end of your growth and you have a better chance of staying clear after the course.
  8. green tea would give me breaksout all along my chin. i dont know if its the caffeine exactly since drinking a pepsi or coke wouldn't break me out that bad. for tea, start drinking rooibos, it's herbal non-caffeinated and it's got a lot of good things for your skin. helps with swelling and inflammation.
  9. No good explanation really. Accutane is a really weird drug, it's up and down. It might be your body responding to accutane fighting your hormone fluctuations.
  10. I still get the pimple here and there and I'm on my 5th. I had a breakout on my ear today! But anyways, just take the extra month. How's the oiliness, is your face really dry? I'd keep taking it until you are clear, and by clear meaning you haven't had a real breakout in weeks. The pimple here and there is fine.
  11. I shave my face and it does an amazing job. Sometimes I even just take a razor and shave off little breakouts because they get really dry with all the dead skin. Makes it way easier to cover up.
  12. It's definitely your derm. You made a huge mistake giving away your anxiety though, she doesn't want to give accutane to someone that already has anxiety. Anyways I live in Canada too and I just got a referrel from my family doctor, walked into the derm office said accutane and boom I walked out with a prescription 15 minutes later. It actually worried me how easy it was to get a prescription for such a serious drug, but 100% covered by health care, so I love my country. They offered me antibiot
  13. It's uncommon, but not unheard of. I haven't been on a low dose course of accutane, but from what I've seen around here, it takes a long time to see results and the initial breakout is really drawn out. If i were you I would opt for 40mg/day for the next month and just deal with it.
  14. Honestly, hang in there. Month 3 was worse than 1 and 2 combined. I didn't start seeing results until the middle of month 4, and I'm on Month 5 and I'm still getting the pimple here and there. It's no biggie, just remember you're half way to clear skin!