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  1. Happy Birthday! Man, these years fly, don't they?

  2. My skin changes on a regular basis, one week it can be dry as anything the next its more oily and the condition of it changes often also, sometimes my skin quality is awful and other times its perfectly fine ... but the difference is I'm a guy so it's really difficult to blame it on hormonal changes because I shouldnt really be going through any because I'm 26 and obviously dont have the hormonal changes women have every month.
  3. Thats easy to say, and I can do that up until I see myself in the mirror and realise I'm just completely bullshitting myself.
  4. I tried probiotics and they made me ill, very ill so there is definately something in them hahaha. I was using Seven Seas Multibionta Advanced Formula, from what I've read this is the best one, and all of this was from independent studies ... but there are LOADS out there that are useless, infact most of them dont work apparently. I've heard many good things about probiotics though and they definately do seem to help many people with digestive discomfort.
  5. I cut out all dairy products for 3 weeks and it had no effect at all, if anything after the 3 weeks my skin was quite a lot worse ... I'm not saying cutting out dairy made it worse but it definately didnt help my skin.
  6. Well if acne is a disgestive problem in my case then I'm just screwed basically because I have Crohns which is one of the worst IBS you can have and its not cureable. I have thought for a long time maybe its the cause of my acne simply because I never had acne as a teenager and only have developed it within the last year which just happens to coinside with my first Crohns flare-up. Personally I dont think weight has anything to do with acne but I do think for some people definately its related
  7. Infact I have the complete opposite, when I'm sick my skin is much better. Whenever I'm really sick like a cold/flu and I'm stuck in bed it sometimes even completely clears .
  8. Some days I feel like I've completely lost the plot and it is solely down to acne, the mental effect it has on me is becoming severe and even friends and family are starting to notice that I have become very withdrawn from everything. This time last year I was the complete opposite, I was out all of the time and didnt worry about anything, I wanted to get out and live life and now its just just the total opposite of that that its not even funny ... I am a completely different person and all beca
  9. It really does depend on the circumstances, I mean if your out to pull someone in a nightclub or bar then pretty much all that will ever matter is appearence because it's not like your going to actually get to know the person in that type of enviroment. It's all relative, the girl I'm seeing now I guess some people wouldnt describe as attractive but to me she looks amazing ... not everyone finds the same things attractive, which is good or a shitload of us would be doomed to remain single foreve
  10. Pfff it wouldnt matter if it did cause acne or not because who realistically is going to stop having sex or having an orgasm all their frigging life just to prevent acne. I like sex way too much to stop it and tbh I dont think I could, if it caused my acne then that just a whole load of bad luck and I would attemp to find another way of preventing the acne. Tbh it would not surprise me if it did play some factor in some peoples acne, mainly down the obvious hormonal changes before/during/after s
  11. its crap isnt it. i just dont understand how i got to look so bad so quickly.
  12. I feel exactly the same and I dont know why, I'm not doing anything different from what I did say 2 years a go but for some reason I look a whole lot worse my skin looks crap and so does my hair which completely knocks any confidence I have and half the time even stops me from attempting to make myself look half decent because I simply cannot be bothered. It's a vicious circle.
  13. Sorry didnt explain myself too well, the Aloa Vera is actually in the shaving foam ... its called Gilette Foam for Sensitive Skin. This stuff REALLY works for me, I've tried an electric shaver like I said and it was awful and I've tried shaving without any foam or just soap (I ran out of it while on holiday) and also after my skin was awful but whenever I use this it really works well. But yeah maybe try putting Aloa Vera on afterwards as well, that could help a lot.
  14. I just cut out dairy for 3 weeks and if anything my skin has got a lot worse, maybe its just a coincidence but I've given up on cutting out dairy because it doesnt seem to improve my skin in the slightest ... if anything the total opposite.
  15. ReiseReise


    Might be true in some cases, but then again I'm one of those believers that most people's acne is totally relative and there is no one cure, I think everyone has different underlining reasons for having acne. For myself I had my adenoids removed when I was young so it's not the reason I have acne ... unless removing them caused the acne .