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  1. I have moderate to severe acne on my chest, back, and face. I use Dan's cleanser, BP, and AHA+ for my back and chest, but is it safe to use the AHA+ for the face? I heard it is very powerful and should only be used for tougher parts of the skin (back/chest)
  2. How long should it take to see results? (Been using Regimen for 2 months now)
  3. Hello. I have acne on my body, face, and back. Will the body and back regimen also work on my face? Thanks.
  4. I know I'm going through Puberty. Will dan's regimen still do its job?
  5. Does the regimen clear cysts on the nose? I have about 3-5 huge red cysts on my nose and it seems the Regimen is clearing up my acne everywhere else but not my nose.
  6. Hi. I started the regimen a few weeks ago and I noticed improvement on my cheeks and chin, but I have gotten many big red bumps (actually really big) on my nose and in between the eye and nose(both sides). Seeing improvement on my forehead, lots of pimples near my oily hair. I think my acne is severe, what do you guys think? Also any tips/advice with Regimen and how long do you think it'll take to get big improvements? (Forum ruins pic quality so you cant see) http://i57.tinypic.com/2ztfubp.