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  1. I have open pores on my nose. Whenever I pinch my nose, these white strings come out. Is there anyway to reduce the appearance of these pores?
  2. I just wanted to know if any of you guys apply on special products (such as shaving creams, after-shaves) when shaving.
  3. Sorry, but I have one more question to ask. Is it ok to apply the vinegar at a certain area of the face instead of the whole face?
  4. I have a question before I start this scar treatment. After applying the diluted vinegar on the face, will there be a strong odor that you have to stick with throughout the entire day. Also, is it ok to apply cetaphil mouisterizer on the face after applying the vinegar.
  5. Over 2 months after accutane: EVERYTHING IS SO OK NOW!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!! I haven't gotten a zit for like a whole month. My eczema is all gone and the redness on my face has gotten back to its original color. Geez, it feels so great!!! The red marks on my face are almost gone and I have like no scars at all. It feels so great to go out everyday, because I don't have to worry about my acne anymore. I'm not suffering from any of the side effects listed in the accutane booklet, so thats good. The
  6. 1 month and 3 weeks after accutane: I did a search on Keratosis Pilaris and my skin did not match with the images shown on google. Anyways, all the rashes that I had all over my face was eczema and all of it is gone now. Its so good to get a full nights sleep again. I've been taking antioxidant supplements and drinking at least four cups of green tea a day. It took only 4 days for all of it to go away. My face is free of eczema, but I had 2 zits grown in the past week. The zits really don't bot
  7. My family has never had a history of eczema. Its pretty weird because my derm said it happens mostly in children. My derm also said its not accutane related, but to me I think it is. Without enough sebum for protection and moisture, my face is exposed to all kinds of particles that can do damage to my face.
  8. 1 month and 2 weeks after accutane: Geez, my face is so damaged... Right now, the eczema has spread down to my neck. Ugh, it is so itchy and burning. It feels as though I am going through the chicken pox again. This is my third time this month that I haven't gotten any sleep. I think the reason why I am getting eczema is because I am missing the sebum that was being produced by my oil glands. Not having that protective barrier of oil will make my face open to a variety of junk that is floating
  9. 1 month and 1 week after accutane: Ok, something is really going wrong with my face. The sides of my forehead and around my ears are covered with these raised little tiny bumps, kinda looks like goosebumps. They aren't red, they are like elevated and clustered together. Doesn't look like eczema, but it looks really disgusting. I don't know what is going on with my face. Argh, summer is already here and I am already plagued with another skin disorder that has brought my self-esteem very down. Fi
  10. 1 Month after accutane: Gosh, why are all my posts being deleted. Anyways, here is a brief summary of what happened to me in the last two weeks. The red bumps that I had all over my face was not acne, but it was actually eczema. Took about a week for it to disappear, but it left a huge red mark around my left eye. Saw my derm. on Wednesday and he told me that my face is ok now. Also said that there is no reason to see him anymore. I have only a little bit red marks left, the others seem to have
  11. How long did it take after you were finish with accutane for the redness to fade away? Also, how long did it take for redmarks to fade away?
  12. 5th month 2nd week: I haven't posted awhile due to the piles of work I have to do for my degree. Anyways, everything is looking good. I have 1 blemish on the side of my forehead. For the side effects, my face is still very red. Still have chapped lips and my hands are very dry. Umm, I have about two small rolling scars at the side of my cheek. Theres a spot that is really red and its been there on my cheek for a week, but it doesn't seem to be acne. I have about 2 more weeks to go until I'm f
  13. I just finished my accutane treatment and I have a couple of indented scars. How look should I wait until I can use the lemon water/ vinegar method?
  14. Yay !!! You finally made it !!! I am so happy for you !!! I just hope that I have the same results as you when I'm on my last month of accutane.
  15. Tazorac made me breakout for the first two months. After that, I had a month of no zits. A month after that, I had breakouts again. Now I take accutane.