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  1. Okay so TCA as in CROSS or the peel? Also how many do u recommend and then when should I do The ablative laser? Thought my scars would be more complicated to deal with but seems basic enough. Thanks for your time.
  2. Hi, What are some good treatments for my acne scars? Thank you for your time.
  3. That's weird why didn't he want to do tca cross on you and I guess I'll go consult with barankin hope he doesn't reject me too. No to bargman he got lot of bad reviews and I can't go to Michigan anytime soon. Is that all in Toronto? Wth.. Still thanks for the info keving100. Thanks Ba and will do.
  4. Hey Beautifulambition do you know any derm suggestions I can go to for tca cross in Toronto ?
  5. Alright bro. Thanks for the info, helped me out a lot. I'll update after I get laser hair removal show whats beneath the hairs. Man I'm scared I might break out a lot
  6. Yeah thanks I will go to the derm for both or could I just do tca cross and It's going to help the boxcar scars on my temples as well ? And ok so let's say I do a good 4 , 5 treatments and I don't see any or mild results should I stop.? Would subcision be a good option for me or should I just stick to the other two.
  7. Ok thanks. I'm sorry to bother you again So retin a cream 0.05 will work? and for once per month I do micro needling and once a month tca cross? Should I do micro needling myself or leave it to professionals? I appreciate your time, thank you.
  8. Ok thank you but should I Microneedle on my temples or my entire face also with tca peels and also with the retin a cream do I apply everywhere or just the temples where my scars are. Sorry one more question what do I do with th pores on my nose and cheeks? Does mud mask or charcoal mask really help? Thanks again. here are more pics on my cheeks
  9. And I have enlarged pores also