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  1. That's weird why didn't he want to do tca cross on you and I guess I'll go consult with barankin hope he doesn't reject me too. No to bargman he got lot of bad reviews and I can't go to Michigan anytime soon. Is that all in Toronto? Wth.. Still thanks for the info keving100. Thanks Ba and will do.
  2. Hey Beautifulambition do you know any derm suggestions I can go to for tca cross in Toronto ?
  3. Alright bro. Thanks for the info, helped me out a lot. I'll update after I get laser hair removal show whats beneath the hairs. Man I'm scared I might break out a lot
  4. Yeah thanks I will go to the derm for both or could I just do tca cross and It's going to help the boxcar scars on my temples as well ? And ok so let's say I do a good 4 , 5 treatments and I don't see any or mild results should I stop.? Would subcision be a good option for me or should I just stick to the other two.
  5. Ok thanks. I'm sorry to bother you again So retin a cream 0.05 will work? and for once per month I do micro needling and once a month tca cross? Should I do micro needling myself or leave it to professionals? I appreciate your time, thank you.
  6. Ok thank you but should I Microneedle on my temples or my entire face also with tca peels and also with the retin a cream do I apply everywhere or just the temples where my scars are. Sorry one more question what do I do with th pores on my nose and cheeks? Does mud mask or charcoal mask really help? Thanks again. here are more pics on my cheeks
  7. Hey guys I don't know what to do to my acne scars and redness also I want to do laser hair removal on my cheeks what should I do first? Any suggestions what's the best treatment for my acne scars .