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  1. it couldn't be anythingelse. My acne is usually diet related but these last 2 days i ate nothing that i'm acne prone to besides taking the ephedrine. Even when i do breakout, it's not like this. I have bumps all over on the side of my face, its so gross. lol I don't think i can even go out for 2-3 days. it's probably something you dont even know about unrelated to diet...circadian rhythm...who knows increased cortisol from the diet, extra diet stress, food restriction stress, more ca
  2. the EC stack is safe, im surprised you would say not to take it as the evidence is overwhelming that it's fine. You generally based your answers off science.
  3. breaking out is probably separate issue from ephedrine.
  4. I'm pretty sure that makers of chewable vitamin C would have enough sense to use BUFFERED forms of the vitamin. Bryan possibly, but anything to cut costs?
  5. O NOES!?! I'm assuming this is one of your idiotic contributions. The condescending type that ironically provide no actual information. I was making my comment in response to the original poster's thesis. He's talking of P.Acne bacteria preventing cancer in several places, the prostate in particular. I was merely stating that topical acne medications which kill P.Acne's on the skin will not actually effect the internal bacteria that prevents the cancers forming! O NOES!?!, O HOW ABOU
  6. and using topicals such as glycolic acid...hydroquinone...retina...
  7. Elephant Max


  8. you expect anyone with an iq>90 to buy this? "A great way to help remove toxin build-up from your body is through the use of Chinese Medicine Foot patches. Chinese medicine theories state that the toxins that build up through your body flow down to your feet where there are very little vital organs, which is a place to store them. And there are special sections on your feet where toxins are linked to certain organs. " sorry im trying to save some people $$$$
  9. wow that sounds like a really great scam, how much you earning from it?
  10. that's because when you drink the green tea it doesnt go into your stomach where the ph is somewhere around 2. Does the green tea go straight for the intestines then?
  11. FYI: accutane is a megadose of a vitamin a derivative
  12. you sound like a shill. in many of your posts your're out pimping your website or products. "What is in it? Huang Qin Jin Yin Hua Pu Gong Ying Lian Qiao Dang Gui Chuan Xiong Tian hua fen Bo He" That is what's in it? Looks like they took out a goddamn phone book in china town and picked 8 names. You were conned or you're a product pimp.