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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time and calculate all that!!! Lol!! So i need like 6 more accutane boxes...ha...so tiring..
  2. So i've been taking accutane for 3 months and almost a week. One 20mg pill once a day(i swallow it with dinner) Im a 16 year old girl ,height of 1.65, weight 52kg. In my case, accutane worked magically, my pimples are all gone, my dark marks are almost completely faded, and i'm pretty much all clear except i get 2 or 3 zits here and there every now and then. So i was wondering how much longer i had to take it, i know i should ask my derm but she's on vacation right now, and i didn't want to
  3. I've been having acne for 3 years now. At first they were just pus filled pimples, and i would get at least 3, or 4. But i started picking and popping them, which made things worse. I started getting tons of them, and my cheeks got so red i couldn't face people properly, i didn't want to leave my house. The main problem is in my forehead next nose cheeks(if u know where im talking about, not cheeks cheeks, but more of the inside cheeks) and temples. About an year ago my pimples changed, i start
  4. Oh my god i can't believe there are so many people suffering the same as me. I never thought of it, i've always thought i was the only one. I hate acne so much! It practically ruined my life. Since i have it, i never go out, and when i do i avoid everyone. Everyone around me seems to be so happy, with their smooth and clear skin. I feel so awful, ugly and not enough. Suddenly I feel like everyone is looking at me and my face, i obssess over it, at home, outside. All i think about is "what if i