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  1. Also you are human like everyone else. Your body will break down eventually and you will age and die. It may be sooner then you think despite your best efforts, you never know when the Big C will hit for instance. You aren't immortal just because you indulge in salads with organic dressing, you are going to die one day like everyone else.
  2. Really? All the fraud? The antibiotic resistant strains for which we have no treatment? The massive over drugging of the population? The deaths caused by the drugs? the fact that few doctors even know about the toxic effects of added sugar? They think it's just calories? Doctors telling people that sure diet and exercise are good, but what you really need is a drug? And if that drug causes a problem, we'll add another drug for that? The outrageous costs? The people going bankrupt? That
  3. It sounds more like peoples poor lifestyle choices than a truly broken system. Alternavista, the system is fine, it may not conform to your god like standards of pure nutrition but in all honesty the food guide is fairly reasonable. That's not the problem, the problem is compulsion. Being obese and smoking and subsequently dying of the health affects is a lifestyle choice. That's right, a "life style choice". It's free will.
  4. Its a myth? Well for males, i don't think it is, i'm not sure for females. Good Luck. I've tested it out experimentally and found it to be a cause of big angry cysts. It is. Even the most extreme health nut people on these forums that believe acne is solely related to lifestyle still scoff at the idea of masturbation having anything to do with acne. Don't take my word for it though. Ask a dermatologist
  5. Masturbation? No. Sorry but that's a myth
  6. Yeah I've had them tested.. Came back normal *shrugs*
  7. From what I know there are really no special types of acne. It's all influenced by hormones and genes and to a lesser extent environment. Everyone who gets acne carries acne genes that makes them prone to this condition. I dont know how that's not obvious by now?
  8. I was speaking from a purely evolutionary standpoint. People didn't get married during the vast majority of our evolution. As for hormones, it's true that they play a role, but that role is not causative. Everyone's hormones change at puberty, yet not everyone gets acne. Males get acne, and males do not have a menstrual cycle. It is true that the microcomedone forms before colonization of the lesion with bacteria. However, that does not mean that bacteria are not involved; bacteria; antigens r
  9. Acne is a multifactorial disease of the oil glands influenced by hormones. It is not a sign of a bad liver, weak immune system, inferior genetics, food allergy, emotional problems, gut disturbance or even hormonal imbalance. Just because you have acne does not mean you're sick - more than likely you're perfectly healthy as the next person, You just have bad skin. Don't fret or panic that you have some horrible underlying health problem. It's really unlikely there's anything wrong with y
  10. Acne itself is not a health problem, and yeah it's not infectious. Rather it is an indicator of a dysregulated immune system - which itself could indicate some sort of correlated/coexisting problem. In our modern age we induce acne by means that probably do not lead to correlated health problems, though; my explanation of acne as a tool to ward people off was intended to describe the circumstances under which acne as a mechanism of self defense probably evolved. The immune system can be messed
  11. You could try reading this article, since I know you will not take my word for it: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/448506 Dermatologists today were educated with principles decades now outdated. Recent research shows that acne is an outcome of immune dysfunction: Isotretinoin normalized TLR2-mediated immune response: http://www.nature.com/jid/journal/v132/n9/abs/jid2012111a.html Correlation between certain immune factors and acne severity: http://eng.med.wanfangdata.com.cn/PaperDetail.asp
  12. Yes. It's not a IgE mediated response. Acne involves delayed type III response involving other antibodies or inflammatory responses. But unfortunately, the average doctor/allergist only cares about the immediate response IgE mediated reactions. As they can kill you. However, I do not agree that our immune system is screwed up. At least not any more than most people (including clear skinned people who are also suffering from their crappy diets and lifestyles, they just don't get the symptom
  13. Exactly. People for the most part when they're allergic to something have the allergy rear during childhood - not adolescence. I think it's pretty clear for those of us with food common sense that acne isn't a food allergy. I could be be wrong but I think a lot if the theories coming from this section of the forums are propelled by pseudo science.
  14. Lol maybe she's the one "trolling". I'm sure if you eat a terrible crap diet and you're already acne prone it will make it a bit worse (duh) but it's not like that's the cause of acne. My point is acne isn't a persons fault or because they don't know how to take care of their bodies.
  15. I have used every prescription cream under the sun (phosphate, differin, retin-a), birth control (which did work for a while) antibiotics and Accutane. I took Accutane when I was 17 and that kept my acne under control for a few years until I was 20 when It started coming back again ( small pustules at the time). Ive done every acne diet under the sun too and have also eaten very healthy (seriously). My acne is just genetic and really tricky to manage. I've also used Benzoyl peroxide too in t
  16. I said it was both hormonal and genetic. I am quadriplegic so I am *placed* on a very healthy diet in order to keep my health in order specifically my bladder and bowels. I have a nutritionist and I follow the diet they prescribed for me. I have no movement from the shoulders down and am dependent on a ventilator to breathe so it's not like I can just go and open a bag of chips at will and blow my diet. Yeah, I've seen what nutritionists think make up an adequate diet. In addition to the bad
  17. I said it was both hormonal and genetic. I am quadriplegic so I am *placed* on a very healthy diet in order to keep my health in order specifically my bladder and bowels. I have a nutritionist and I follow the diet they prescribed for me. I have no movement from the shoulders down and am dependent on a ventilator to breathe so it's not like I can just go and open a bag of chips at will and blow my diet.
  18. I have in the past (before I got injured) but I didn't really see that much of a difference. I didn't stick to it for a very long time though lol. I'm hesitant about starting say tetracycline again because I'm unsure how it's going to affect my system as I'm to a degree physically fragile. I'm currently using an antibiotic prescription cream in a topical form from a derm but it's not working at controlling any of the pimples. I literally wake up with big red papules the next days despite the
  19. Wow I asked a simple question and you're giving me an overly hostile response which is honestly unneeded. You don't know what trolling is, if you want trolling head over to a gaming forum. Debating the accusation that acne is induced (in a certain degree) is not trolling. I have eaten a healthy diet literally my entire life and have not had any improvement in regards to my skin. The only thing that worked for me for a while was Accutane and then I experienced a relapse. It's not like I'm having
  20. Does anyone have a physical disability and acne as well? I'm a ventilator dependent quadriplegic (injured in 2012) and have had acne since I was roughly 11-12 years old ( now 21). I have such a difficult time dealing with both. Constant stares and comments from people. It really weighs me down emotionally. My Acne is getting bad again even in the last month, I've exploded with papules on my cheeks and forehead and birth control is currently not an option due to my physical condition (I have
  21. Funny, my derm tested my hormones and they were all within normal limits. Which apparently is not unusual.
  22. Think about that for a minute. The acne is caused by diet claims are ludicrous. Acne is a hormonal disease with a strong genetic link (bad acne tends to run in families). Stop with the conspiracies.
  23. I had panic attaks from age 11-16 because of my skin.. or related to it. It made me very emotional. I had body acne as well on my shoulders, arms and back and when I had to change in front of other girls in the locker room during middle school it would trigger a major anxiety attack because I knew I was going toget "comments" and truthfully I was just ashamed of how my skin looked.
  24. Some people are rude others are curious. Either way it's a part of the human condition to stare at physical differences. I have no no idea the extent of your moms scarring but if she's self conscious about it I would say she visit a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for a consultation.