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  1. Yeah we did, not often though. Where are you from? I forget this is a predominantly American site. You'll have to put up with my English terminology but hey, at least you found it funny :P
  2. I was thinking about all the terrible things I've said/done because of my skin over the years and wondered whether it was the same for other people. Worst thing I think I've done was back in college a year or so ago. There was a girl who one day, for some reason kept picking on me. I was dealing with it until she mentioned my skin at which point I flipped out, and told her to F off. I tried to ignore her but she carried on so I took her coursework and ripped it up. She got really angry, grabbe
  3. Thats how I feel whenever I look in a mirror in public. I can look in the mirror at home and say "Hey I don't look so bad today".Then I go out in public and I notice people looking at me and I look in a mirror either in the store or in my car and its like I'm looking at a map of mountains and valleys. Exactly. A big low blow (
  4. The nicest thing anyone's ever said to me is just that it's improving I guess? I remember the worst things I've had said. One that sticks out is from a couple of years ago when I was at school. A boy who was never particularly nice to me anyway, one day decided to tease me worse than normal. I was dealing with it until he said 'have you ever heard of Clearisil?'. Something about that comment made me snap and I kicked him in the balls. I got sent home and given a weeks detention which wasn't
  5. Seeing myself in the mirror today was like being punched in the vagina. Thought it was getting better (