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  1. First person i saw on this forum with neutral reputation point

  2. So long since I've been here! Wonder if any of the old crowd is still around?

  3. Agreed. And life is gonna throw some tough shit your way. My father had a stroke since months ago, he can't walk now and doesn't remember my name most days. It is all about perspective.
  4. um I just noticed your cleavage in avatar and it would take an act of god for me to keep those puppies under wraps...just keep the light off, use some no smudge concealer on any really red areas. He is NOT gonna notice anything else with boobies like those. Plus he does sound like a cool guy. Consider going half clothed plan B.
  5. But if it's like your first time that's another story...animalistic sex can come later.
  6. Having sex partially clothed is underrated, just undo his pants, undo your own too, and keep your shirt on, it kinda lends a sense of urgency to it and makes it better for some.
  7. The expense is well worth it. Don't get too hung up on the cost. It's better than buying useless products that don't work.
  8. thats no worries. what u can do is just select all that text when u reply to a pm and delete it. having quote tags which don't have a partner is a pain!

  9. Thank you! unfortunately my hair's grown now haha,

    How you been?? :), glad to see you around!

  10. Hey! How's life been treating you? I hope things are going good =) I was thinking about you........I still missed the pics of the 3 dogs you adopted you never showed me! ah well......glad to see you around =) ttyl

  11. I like the bangs.

  12. Just wanted to say hi.

  13. I think animals are the least judgemental creatures on earth. And it's prob in your head. You should get a dog. I have 5 and they lick me all over my face, no rejection there.
  14. Oh yes! And look for a whitening FLOSS, to get the stains or yellowing in between teeth. Crest makes some.