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  1. I understand, I never had acne until I lived in San Diego for 4 months and then my chin exploded. I know it is really difficult for someone who never has acne to suddenly have severe acne out of no where. If you really want to stop your medication I completely understand. I think that you should have your doctor suggest some antibiotics you should take. Instead of the topical cream antibiotics really help without the severe initial break out. I have been on minocycline, and i really helped! Th
  2. It seems like you are already starting the initial breakout. If you stop with the medication the acne will continue to form since it has been brought out by the medication. If you continue with the medication you will experience the same acne but it will dissapear faster because the medication will be treating it continuosly. I suggest that you stay on the medication. Just think of it like this: every pimple you get would have eventually come out at some point in the future. So would you rat
  3. I have been using Tazorac .1% Cream for about three months. It is a bumpy road , but worth the wait. Especially, since I have barely had acne in the past then all of a sudden my chin just exploded. Also i wanted to say that the type of Shampoo and Conditioner you use makes a huge difference. I was using random products from Target, and when I went to get my hair cut the stylist told me I had product buildup in my hair. THis build-up was contributing to my forehead and chin acne. I started usin
  4. Morning - Cetephil cleanser -take 100mg of Doxycycline -Cetephil mosturizer - Aveda Moisture plus tint- SPF 15, oil-free (helps to prevent peeling during day, and protect from sun damage. -Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti-Shine Gel on forehead, instead of foundation. -I.D. mineral Veil to control shine through out the day. Night - Cetephil Cleanser - Wait 30 min. or more and put on Tazorac Cream .1% No picking- it causes scars and red marks No Popping- it spreads bacteria Only use non-comodoge
  5. Ophelia's

    Chin acne

    I just conquered the very same problem you are suffering from. I had have always had acne, but is was always extremely mild. Then like four moths ago my chin started breaking out first in bumps, then mild/moderate acne. I went to my dern and he suggested -Tazorac Cream .1%, coupled with Doxycycline 100 mg / day. -I wash my face with cetephil, morning and night, and use cetephil cream only in the morning under make-up. -I use Aveda foundation for cover-up with an SPF of 15, and Bar