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  1. I've been using jojoba oil for about one year now. I'm about to stop using it but thats not because its bad, I just want to move on to something new. Jojoba oil is a really good moisturizer and helps to soothe the skin, but I only use it at night because it leaves the skin looking very shiny, it does not absorb into the skin. I think the main benefit of Jojoba is too help control natural oil levels. As jojoba is very similar to your natural skin oils it tricks the skin into thinking it is alre
  2. shaving regularly has helped me. your skin will get used to it. just make sure you use the right equipment, this will differ from person to person. i personally use gilette sensor excel and gilette shaving gel with aloe. just remember to be careful. going over lightly every day is better than going through thicker hair occasionally.
  3. this has been happeneing to me recently too. im trying to be careful when i brush my teeth so to not let much toothpaste settle on my skin for a while. also making sure i use bp right up to my lips, this can be bad though as it leads to chapped lips for me and then i have to use a chap stick, which can be bad if i get it on the skin round my lips as im pretty sure its comedogenic.
  4. ive been using a mix of SA and BP on my back recently. Ive used Clearasil complete 3 in 1 and then panoxyl wash 10% BP in the morning and then just the clearasil in the evening. ive only been doing this for just over a week so my results might be coincidental, but, my acne has improved a bit. I know a lot of people say that clearasil sucks but it seems to be working. A lot of people also say that panoxyl is crap but i think they are referring to the BP cream, this wash seems to be quite good.
  5. i would recommend the urban rites moisturizer. it just concentrates on moisturizing, and is good at it. it doesnt have SA in to clear blackheads and is not mattifying to reduce oilyness. it just moisturizes.
  6. once again..... chaloopas reasoning still shows this claim to be nonsense.
  7. for me, i think that shaving every day helps. i probably dont need to shave everyday but i think its better to go over lightly daily then have an odd day when you go over the same area two or three times. It also acts as a way of exfoliating, it removes some dead skin off the surface.
  8. my nose is always oily, even after washing my face. i have blackheads that do not go away, and within the past month ive started to get a couple of small whiteheads on it. i use a salycilic acid face wash twice daily, an SA astringent daily and always apply a salycilic acid moisturizer to my nose every morning. ive been told that SA is the way forward in removing blackheads, but even with three different SA products they are still there after about 4 months. they have got a bit smaller but nothi
  9. i think applying a bit extra BP does help it dry up and go a bit quiker. but be careful how much extra BP you use because you dont want to irritate the surronding area too much.
  10. i would recommend Urban Rites Facial Relief Moisturizing Balm. its the best moisturizer for moisturizing ive used, it has sun protection and goes on really nicely. its mostly in the mens section with shaving stuff. you can get it from sainsburys but not tesco. judging by your name youre a girl, but dont let the fact its in the mens section put you off. ive used enough of the products that are meant for girls! i hate it when the clean and clear blackhead scrub advert comes on TV, my brother just
  11. if youre just splashing it with water then its probably not that bad to do it. But, the thing with acne and oily skin is that youve always got to look in the long term as our skin problems wont go way quickly. so, the problem with removing the oil from your face is that your skin has to make more oil again to compensate. the more you strip your face of oil, the more rapidly it produces it, so in a few weeks time you'll probably feel the need for a fourth wash.
  12. id advise you to get Quinoderm 5% BP. you can get it from any pharmacist, but you dont need a prescription. its about half the price of oxy and i find it a lot less drying and irritating.
  13. BP does not give your skin an immediate oily effect. but it will dry out your skin, which will trigger your skin to produce more oil. but if you use moisturizer then this should counteract the drying of the BP.
  14. for most people i think the flaking does stop after a while. but ive been doing the regimen for over 4 months now and although it has got slowly better it has never stopped. to help with the flakes i would suggest to use an exfoliant, but you have to choose which one wisely.
  15. ive noticed the same thing about my face recently too! its really wierd. there is a definite sudden difference in skin colour between where i appply topicals and where i dont. i thought it might have been razor burn or something shaving related, but i dont think it is. I wouldnt say that my face is red compared to my neck, its just a few shades darker. this bothers me!