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  1. you are a strong man. very strong. thanks.

  2. damn your a straight up baller lol.. How is everything ?? are the scars goneee... thats awesomehow you kept such a positive attitude

  3. Hey man. It looks like your skin really improved tremendously. Congrats. I think I read that you said you are currently deployed. Are you in the Navy? I am currently seriously considering enlisting. Do you mind if I ask about your experience?

  4. more progress...
  5. axsis

    accutane end of 3rd month

    end of 3rd month accutane...chillin
  6. month 3 3rd week!
  7. 3rd month 1st week of accutane
  8. yah it depends on the derm i guess....who cares just give it a shot...doesnt hurt to make an appt. worst that can happen is they say no but like it says above...change derms and find one that does....im currently on it and ...its the beginning of my third month...i think im finally getting out of that intial breakout stage...i had a bad flare up but i think its coming down ....good luck !
  9. this is taking forever...gettin real impatient
  10. before hell broke loose
  11. a month and a week into it
  12. i hate acne. ive never been so depressed in my life, especially over myself...i think thats just pathetic. my gf tells me that i magnify the situation but she doesnt understand...she has clear skin and accepts me. she s been there for me all throughout ever since ive had clear skin and she tells me she still sees me the same but still, acne just holds me back socially. even if i can go back to my acne in high school where it was just a few on my forehead and that was it. throughout high school i
  13. i most definitely agree with that...when my face used to clean up well...i was soo much more confident...not anymore though im on accutane right now since i recently broke out pretty bad and just had about enough of it all and decided its time for something more serious. yah i just finished my first month and it left me breaking out worst than i ever had but my face seems to be calming down a bit and hopefully its all good results from here on out....maybe i can gain that confidence again!
  14. i was breakin out badly on my first month of accutane...like the worst ive ever gotten...the pics are in my gallery..but anyway so i went to my doc and she gave me this shot to calm it down...sounds like they were calling it kellogs shot or sumthing, it actually really did help calm it down though. my face swelled less and like..i think the acne is slowly dying out....maybe its just the tane coming to its positive effects i dont know..but yah has anyone else recieve this shot? they shoot you in
  15. axsis

    just me!

    just me bein me..