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  1. WHICH brand is availble from Target? What would be a budget CSR items? I already have this-
  2. Whats the verdict on this stuff? I think that im downsizing my routine to just the following: no more anything else. is this a bad idea?
  3. Shaving irritation? ingrown hairs? Dietary rash? Anyone know a good dermatologist in the phoenix, AZ area?
  4. i did buy the e book and it was a load of shite, its on my other comp so i'll get the ebook and post it on here at some point, can't believe i wasted so much money on it though :doh: i bought Leo Kiesens fucking ebook too, cunts the lot of them plz do soon- id love to see this stuff :dance:
  5. Ive been trying to think of things that DONT cause acne for sure. Maybe these are a simple way to keep acne from running our lives- -Plenty of sleep -Lots of water -Healthy diet -Adequate exercise -Daily showers/cleansing Any other ideas?
  6. http://acneyoda.com/ Anyone read all of this and decide to purchase the 5 step program? According to this site, acne is a hormonal imbalance and your liver cannot process all of the toxins or something. give it a read for 10min. but has anyone done it? do they want to share what the 5 steps are?
  7. what can i use to get rid of red marks left behind by acne? a topical cream? what kind/or brand? thanks-
  8. Taking the 'bible' literally, word for word, or in entirety would be like looking at a few chapters of a novel and thinking you know the whole story. Believing in the bible is in fact believing in the editors of it, not the writers. Council of Trent, Nicene council, Vatican 1 and 2, and even king James. These people took everything available to them, and painted a picture of what was 'most logical’ or made sense to them, hundreds of years after events happened. Its just not possible to fo
  9. Is this stuff any good for oily/dry skin? neutrogena cleansing bar Also- if i want to start the b5, how much should i take? can i get it at henrys/whole foods?
  10. im cool with people drinking what ever they want- just dont say you drink it for the calcium b/c other milks dont have it. almost every almond/soy/rice milk is fortified with as much/more calcium as cow milk. so you're drinking it for the taste/convienece, which is fine-
  11. BUY LOCAL... There are plenty of dairy farms that do not give their cows BGH or antibiotics (unless they are sick, and then they are not milked) and the farm I buy my milk from at school only milks the cows twice a day, which is normal and healthy for the cows. Plus it keeps the local farmers in business and encourages bigger farmers to shape up or lose customers. Cows produce the MOST milk right after they give birth... not when they are pregnant. If you've ever seen a cow that has
  12. read this before you do anything. fo some people, not using an aftershave is a good thing. for me- this very mild aftershave from gilette actually stops me from breaking out better than anything. oh, and by the way, i would ditch that multi blade razor- expensive refills + irritation... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...102092&hl=shave
  13. when it comes to milk- cows today are usually milked 8-10 times a day. the notion of Old McDonald's farm is just not a reality anymore. that’s really not healthy for the cow, nor can they produce the kind of milk that large dairy farms require. so what do the owners of the large commercial dairy do? pump the cows full of hormones to make their bodies think they are REALLY pregnant and need to produce ALOT of milk. Those hormones don't magically evaporate out of the body, so they are pass
  14. what's your diet/sleep like? that me be a telling sign. maybe its genetic?
  15. take a look at the topic called: Razorblades