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  1. I haven't used this product exactly, but I have used jojoba oil and it worked fairly well as a short term moisterizer. It didn't last very long though. B5 worked for me too, but I couldn't handle all the pills. I used something called, One Clear which is a drink mix with b5 in it. It worked well for me. Cleared me up real fast. How did you take your B5?
  2. Hi, Some of you may remember me... I was on this forum everyday last year until I decided to try accutane. Well, my accutane course finished in January. It's now October, and I have not had any acne since. Please please please do yourself a huge favor- take accutane. Start living again. -Five
  3. I'm doing some research now on www.dark-circles.net and I guess it doesn't work like I had hoped.
  4. Yeah, it's about $200/300. It's starting to catch on with the derm's and plastic surgeons. The price will probably drop as more people do it. Search google "dark circles laser" ...Dr. Berman charges like $700(way over-priced.) Don't spend more than $400 or you got cashed in on it. I seriously thinking about it.. If I get them zapped I won't look as tired after a long night too.
  5. I got some inflammed viens/blueness by my eyes, and am wondering if anyone has had success with the lasers? (I don't see many before and after pictures or success stories.)
  6. Well folks you were right about accutane. It is the cure for acne. Well, now I have ZERO pimples, and zero blackheads..I just have red marks.. PROS OF TANE: CLEAR SKIN clear skin clear skin CONS OF TANE: Blood tests RED MARKS and poor healing I hate red marks.. I am on month five. I might just quit it today and go get a laser treatment for these damdest marks. iI can take the irration from a laser-it's the red marks which are killing me...
  7. I cant find them.. Where did you buy your needles from? what brand are they?
  8. Anyone else live in SoCal and know where to buy this crap???
  9. Okay, no one responded. I had to get some.. ..so I DID order it online. I still have to wait for it to get here. But oh well! If anyone knows anywhere NOT online it would be helpful. for next time *wink
  10. I drank green smoothies for two years. Stopped last year. There was NO difference in my skin at all! If anything it was worse on the smoothies.
  11. Has anyone tried needling a small wrinkle before? It seems that if it works on scars, it will work on wrinkles the same way. hmmm..
  12. HI! i too had wonderful results acne-wise from levulan How long ago was this? If it was wonderful, why are you still here?