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  1. You can apply the chemical sunscreen on your bare skin, let it absorb for 15 mins, and then apply your moisturizer over it (this way it won't affect the potency of the sunscreen).
  2. Was wondering, were you able to bring the medicine with you over seas? My mom's side of the family lives in Korea and since I don't have great insurance in America and it's extremely extremely difficult to get accutane here I asked my emo to send me a year's worth (10mg).
  3. Preface: I left my old derm because I didn't like her and her staff. I'll be honest I wholeheartedly came to this derm appointment expecting to be prescribed accutane. I have moderate/mild acne that is extremely persistent (I've had acne for over 8 years). I've tried many topicals/oral antibiotics that either did not work/ worked slightly/ made acne worse. But of course I was going to be let down and get prescribed another antibiotic from my new derm (bactrim). She's actually really nice an
  4. Could have been better

    I've been trying to find a sunscreen that doesn't leave my skin dry and dehydrated. This sunscreen is seriously the perfect consistency. It's not drying but it's not oily looking either. Unfortunately the packaging says it only protects from sunburns leading me to assume that this isn't a broad spectrum sunscreen as sunburns are in the territory of UVB rays. Unfortunately for lazy me I would rather not have to wear another sunscreen in order to get that UVA protection (I find UVA protection far
  5. Lol don't believe everything you read on the internet. First off benzoyl peroxide does not cause cancer. Going out in the sun with bp on without sunscreen can definitely increase your chances of getting sun damage (aging, dark spots, ect.) which is why you must use sunscreen with a spf of at least 30 or higher and always reapply every two hours if in direct contact with the sun . Rain or shine wear your spf not only does it protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun and possibly prevent
  6. Please please please be wearing sunscreen with an spf over 30. Hopefully your derm stressed that with any retinoid or any acne medication for that fact you must rain or shine wear sunscreen if he didn't -_- gtfo of that office and find a new derm. As each layer of your skin is exfoliated to reveal new skin if it isn't protected from the sun (number one reason for premature aging and a skin irritant) that new layer of skin which is so sensitive becomes damaged and as each layer of your skin is e