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  1. btw,i wanted to know how bad ur acne was(if u had any)..and how much and what exactly did u do to get over it?

    1. hello!could u please check my posts/blog and help me.

      1. The_Snow_Queen

        Here I Am!

        Photos of Me
      2. ):


        my toner has witch hazel!

        i love itt and it doesn't irritate my skin.

        and my moisturizer/spf is in cream form!

        and i love that too!

        i love my regimen.

        you make me sadddd.):

        1. Hi snow queen,

          If that's you in the icon pic you're really pretty! And Thankyou for the mega-long message you posted on what to avoid in facial cleansers and suggestions to making your own regimen.


          1. YAY I saw that you were here yesterday! I hope you start posting again! Ive missed you Ms Busy Bee lol

            1. Your skin is so dewy and glow-y lookingl!! What foundation do you have on in your pics (if any)? I'm not sure if my skin could ever be as pretty as yours but I'll try anything!

              1. Girl where have you been?! We missed you! Did you see the thread someone created asking where youve been?

                1. Hey Molly. Your new user name is cute!

                  1. Im glad you think Im a funny bunny :)

                    I just read your pm. Thanks for your advice and input. You are always very helpful

                    1. LOL, you are so funny! And yeah, I just sent you a PM; hopefully it helps!

                      1. You are the snooooooow queen! Young and sweet, only niiiiiiiiiiiiiiineteen! LOL

                        Did you receive my pm girl?

                        1. Thanks so much for posting the do's and don'ts of good skin care. You've helped me out alot!