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  1. btw,i wanted to know how bad ur acne was(if u had any)..and how much and what exactly did u do to get over it?

  2. hello!could u please check my posts/blog and help me.

  3. The_Snow_Queen

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  4. ):


    my toner has witch hazel!

    i love itt and it doesn't irritate my skin.

    and my moisturizer/spf is in cream form!

    and i love that too!

    i love my regimen.

    you make me sadddd.):

  5. Hi snow queen,

    If that's you in the icon pic you're really pretty! And Thankyou for the mega-long message you posted on what to avoid in facial cleansers and suggestions to making your own regimen.


  6. YAY I saw that you were here yesterday! I hope you start posting again! Ive missed you Ms Busy Bee lol

  7. Your skin is so dewy and glow-y lookingl!! What foundation do you have on in your pics (if any)? I'm not sure if my skin could ever be as pretty as yours but I'll try anything!

  8. Sodium lauryl sulfate is worst when it's listed as the second ingredient on an ingredients list. In Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleanser, it is the fourth ingredient.
  9. The way I see it many of the breakouts one experiences when first using salicylic acid would have happened over time anyway. And in the longrun, salicylic acid should help prevent breakouts. Assuming salicylic acid is an effective treatment for you like it is for many, you would most likely be subject to more scarring if you didn't use it than if you did. When you say you're afraid of scarring, do you mean red marks, which are not really scars, or true indented or raised acne scars?
  10. From what I understand the Murad regimen does feature unnecessarily irritating products using ingredients like drying alcohols, though I can't comment on specific products without seeing the complete ingredients lists. It is best to avoid unnecessary skin irritants to prevent as much damage to the skin from occurring as possible. Notice I say "unnecessary" skin irritants; some irritation from various treatments like exfoliation is inevitable, but the benefits can outweigh the negatives. Ingr
  11. That's too bad; your acne sounds like it is a terrible ordeal for you. Hopefully an over-the-counter regimen will help. I apologize if I sound pessimistic, but there is a good chance that over-the-counter products will not be enough on their own (though they definately could help a lot). I don't know why doctors and dermatologists first prescribe antibiotics to acne sufferers; they should be used as a last resort or to help get breakouts under control in the first place because they cannot
  12. Salicylic acid should not be used with alkaline products, like bar soaps (but bar soaps really shouldn't be used on the skin anyway; see my pinned thread in this forum), because these can negatively impact the effectiveness of a salicylic acid product. I would not recommend using more than one type of exfoliant, manual or chemical, at a time. Diacneal contains glycolic acid, so I would not recommend using this at the same time as your Paula's Choice BHA product. Most salicylic acid products
  13. Bar soap should never be used on the skin. They tend to have alkaline pH levels, which encourages bacterial growth. The ingredients which keep them in bar form can leave a pore-clogging film on the face. Bar soaps inevitably contain harsh cleansing agents; sometimes bar soaps contain emollient ingredients like shea butter to mask the drying effects, but these emollients add to the risk of more clogged pores because they also do not rinse well from the skin. Always use surfectant-based and so
  14. It is always better to use gentle cleansers. You can't scrub away breakouts, and the irritation can aggravate. If you have oily skin and buy a drying cleanser, that won't prevent the oil from coming back and your end result will be both flaky and greasy skin. I can't comment on specific cleansers without seeing complete ingredients lists.
  15. The cleanser would be better if it didn't contain the rose extract and other additional fragrances, which are irritating to the skin (as far as I know there is no conclusive research that rose is beneficial to the skin; if it does have antioxidant properties there are less-irritating antioxidants available). Since this is a rinse-off product and the rose extract is not in contact with the skin for very long, it is probably not too much of a problem for the skin unless your skin is very reactive.