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  1. i know its hard or even impossible to recomend somthing like tanning for the skin but ive been told by my uncle on my mothers side, that his ance(which was worse then mine ive been told) when away very quickly during the summer months, and he loved it because it cleared his skin so fast and well. my question is will tanning a few times and being carfull with it possible help improve my skin, i hate to waist another summer with bance and im basiclly willing to try it at this point.
  2. well summer is coming and i was wondering if using a normal sunblock could be bad for my skin? if so can someone tell me of somthing safe to use thanks
  3. ive heard that the sun can help acne. as for clorine. not sure, it will sure as hell dry skin out though.
  4. first off forgive my horrible spelling. now, ok well summers coming im a little dissapointed in my skin, ive been on some meds for acne since about august of 05 and summer is on its way this year. last year i did not go to the beach once out of fear or well i dont know just impassiment. i love the beach and do not want a repeat of last summer. my acne has imporved greatly i had few breakouts and for the most aprt my skin is clearing. my biggest problem and the thing im most worryed about is