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  1. thanks! i can't wait til my accutane coarse is over! oh and btw, i was looking through forums for recommendations for a really good moisturizer because Cetaphil was leaving a greasy film on my face. i read your comment for Complex 15...and i must say i totally agree with u. it's great!!
  2. Well I started Accutane a week ago. I've avoided going out for a while because I don't want to wear all that make-up. My face is pretty red from acne scars and I do have some active acne too. My family tells me to just not wear make-up but it's so hard when you have acne and redness ALL over your face!! Anyways, I just ordered my samples from Everyday Minerals but I'm not quite sure if it's safe to use make-up while on Accutane. There are a bunch of gatherings/outings I want to attend to really
  3. I've been looking for days now for a really good moisturizer(s). My present regime for morning and night: - Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar (w/ facial brush @ night) - BRAGG Apple Cider Vinegar my face actually looks healthy after using the ACV. So far I've read that Neutrogena Healthy Skin Facial Lotion (w/out the SPF) was good since it contains AHA. But because ACV has AHA in it too (??) would too much AHA affect my skin? Also, the make-up I've been using has SPF in it but I was wonderin
  4. i know how you feel about the scarring... i'm going through the same thing right now but i believe my face is worse than yours in terms of redness and scars. i'm going to a derm. soon and hearing all the positive results of accutane i hope to be on it because i feel everything i've tried hasn't worked though i am a bit worried about the side effects especially breaking out more. like you, i've been dealing w/ acne since i was in elementary school. just hang in there! i know i'm trying to.