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  1. hi aspiring model. if I may give you my opinion, you are very pretty in your pic and I can see why you could be on your way to a modeling career. Just reading about the concerns you have with your skin and was wondering if you had ever tried the acne practice ? From what I have seen with acne practice, it works well on stubborn skin and this is talking from experience with my wife. She has struggled for years and tried it all and used expensive makeup to cover the flaws. Not anymore after be
  2. Hi Everyone I wanted to share with you all our very succesful and positive story pertaining to Dr Neal's acne practice/ bootcamp treatment program which my wife started a few months ago. She previously tried proactive, accutane, microdermabrasion, face peels and masks, herbal supplements but none of these had any major effect on her skin. Then we came across Dr Neal website , acne practice, and decided to try the program. We purchased the starter kit which lasts about 2 months and by the th