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  1. i have this too! someone please help!
  2. Please help! I always get a cyst on my nose once a week! How can i make this stop?!? Does lemon juice and honey help???? How about rubbing alcohol? Does rubbing alcohol make skin worse?? Please help?!? Im on Proactiv and it has helped me everywhere except for my nose
  3. i thought the renewing cleanser exfoliates? i have not been to the dermatologist because he is so busy all the time.
  4. im from georgia and i went to new york for 6 days and i sweated alot there. when i said i sweated alot i mean i sweated so much everyday. i would go about 5-6 hours before i could wash my face. when i came back to georgia, i got all these small flesh colored bumps all over my face. is this sweat bumps, clogged pores, or something else? please help me get rid of these! ive been using proactiv and it has not done anything to the small bumps. the bumps all all over my forehead and cheeks. please he
  5. So whenever i get anxiety, i always get a cyst on my nose. Ive been getting anxiety a lot lately for no reason so my nose had been breaking out like crazy! Ive been using Proactive for about a year and its been alright. I would get clear skin for about a week and then breakout again. i didnt get that much anxiety when i used Proactive back then so i would get a cyst on my nose probably once a month. About 2 months ago i started using dudu osun ( African Black Doap) because it was wayyyy cheaper
  6. try dudu osun ( african black soap) it works for alot of people but it didnt work for me
  7. I get anxiety all the time for no reason and it starting to bother me a lot because when i get anxiety i always get cystic pimples on my nose. The rest of my face is pretty much clear now since i am using Proactive but my nose always gets cystic pimples when i get anxiety. How can i stop this?!? I used Proactive for about a year and then i stop because i wanted to find a cheaper solution. I started using Dudu Osun(African Black Soap) and that dried my skin out so much and made me break out every