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  1. Glad to see a well detailed thread with a "regimen" progress. I've got nowhere near the same situation as you, but can tottaly understand that "frustation." Barely @ week 2 myself; your journey really is interesting, you're definately braver than me haha. Good luck with the new switch up!
  2. I believe this list would be helpful. https://www.acne.org/supplies-guide-body.html
  3. Hey guys, so I've been sort of on/off on dans "regimen" (mostly on the bp/moisturizing) but I do however wash my face very frequently. Reason being is I work moderately outside/inside (UPS driver) so I am scared that my acne will respond negatively with the bp (some insight would be great) not sure how severe people would rate my acne, but would like some insight, and wanted to know if the marks that are on the picture "active acne" or if I have scars/pigmentation since I don't know what route t