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  1. answer to get ride of those bumps is benzaclin garanteet no joke 100%
  2. lol i actually tried this stupid regiment and evrey day i would look in the mirior hoping on day 3 that id be clear lol...but noppp its full of shit dosent work at alll dont bother with it trust me.
  3. hey just wondering if anyone knows of a regement that involes these 2 products together.Cause i read somewhere that this guy tried both together but he dint specify much...thanx 4 the helppp
  4. coco commando


  5. i always seem to get a cyst before i want to go out like on friday night all get it thursday night fuckin acne
  6. acuzine is the worst thing everrr trust me dont take it
  7. i hadd the same thing as u and my derm gave my benzaclin trust me it works ....send me a message if u need info cause i wont check this forum again l8taaa
  8. do wat i say take bencyclin get it from your derm it has bp 5% in it and a other product check out its ratings on this site do wat i say take bencyclin get it from your derm it has bp 5% in it and a other product check out its ratings on this site oupss sorry its Benzaclin
  9. hey man if it dosent work u should maybe give green cream a try just a thought check out the thread in over the counter forums l8ter dude joel....
  10. Melodie knows her shit listin to her ...and dont use any products none att all just soak ure face 2 timesadd a day and use the epson salt to exfoliate then in about a month a good 75% of those bumps will be gone and ure skin dosent look that bad joel...
  11. HEY been doing this 4 about 2 weeks now all my acne is clear..but now im not geting any acne just these litlle closed comadones.. there like litle zits undeneth the skin man there pissing me off i have them now on my forhead and sides of my mouth i rather a acutuall pimple then these things lol... hey and wats the diff between epson salt and sea salt thanx guys.. and will exfoliating get ride of these litlle bumps
  12. i dont no man its not that i have that bad of acne lol its not bad at all its just wen i get i zit i popo it and it makes my skin look really blochy and discolered its fucked up and i dont wear conceler so i dont like to go out wen i have that and my gf always wanted to go out so i maid up some excuse like aww this isint working ..ya i no stiupid yess but i felt like i hadd to always keeping her from having funn...not to many big changes its just that 1 week all have no acnne but just stupid sc
  13. HEY man i dont no all that much about acne but i no the type u have to get ride of those closed pores they are closed comadones something written like that and u should exfoliate a lot and also if u can grow a facial hair do it i did that and u cant se those little bumps u have anywho hope it helps man take her easy
  14. omggggggggg finnaly someone has the same thing i get the ocasional zit on my checks but around my mounth wen i stretch my skin u can so litlle bumps in cluster of 5 around and then about 1 of the 5 comes to a head then makes a big meessssss i fuckin hate those litlle fuckers .....sorry dont have a cure thow if anyone does hit ous back thanx