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  1. I was on Accutane 2 years ago. Just accutane, no antibiotics. I can tell you that the drug fucked me up emotionally and mentally. I would cry several times a day for reasons I couldn't figure out. I felt like I was in a shell and my "real self" couldn't get out. I hated social places, not because of acne. I honestly didn't care about my acne besides for the pain. I stopped caring about things I used to love like music, guitar, and my girlfriend. I was extremely depressed and often thought of wh
  2. Prior to Accutane I had mild-severe acne. It was scarring too. My diet wasn't anything special. I ate pretty much whatever I wanted. I drank a good bit of water, but I do that normally anyway. I'll try to get pics up tonight. Whenever I went up to 120mg a day my cholesterol went through the roof. It's at 400 right now, but it will go down I'm sure. It was totally normal before Accutane and I didn't change any eating habits, and I actually exercised more than usual while on Accutane. *Al
  3. Yes I did have an initial breakout and it was pretty harsh. I had HUGE zits on my forehead and both sides of my cheeks. Big...red...painful. I got mine about a month into treatment. I then had about one new breakout for each of the first 3 months; with each succeeding month having a smaller breakout. My dosage for the first 3 months was 40mg twice a day. For the last 2 months it was 40 mg 3 times a day. I'll try to get a before and after pic too...I'll try to have it sometime tonight. May
  4. I just wanted to find this thread, which is amazingly old, and bump it for a bit of nostalgia. Seeing that I just took my last accutane pill about 15 minutes ago. Thank the lord it's all over.
  5. I believe there's a brand of sunscreen called "Faces". It doesn't clog pores like other sunscreen might do, so try to get something like that.
  6. Day 179 : Week 26 That's it. It's all over. It's all fucking over. 5 months of dry skin, lips, and nose...not to mention unusually watery eyes...don't forget the trouble sleeping, depression, bloody snot, increased irritability, decreased nightvision...IT'S ALL OVER. THANK YOU GOD. I have a feeling the coming weeks will be some of the best in a LOOOOOOONG time.
  7. To the topic creator: Yeah I felt like that too. I still do too, and I'm finishing my fifth month and the whole treatment. Don't worry about it, you can get through it. I wonder if all the sleepiness will just suddenly go away when I get off it though? That would be funny if I just got all hyper after I'm done lol.
  8. It seemed like towards the end of my first and second months(end of November and December respectively) I always got a really bad breakout. But now I am finishing treatment in a little under 3 weeks and my face is like, ALOT clearer. I hardly have any zits right now, maybe 1 or 2 tops. I have some blackheads that have popped up, but their no big deal for me right now. Supposedly your face is supposed to improve even after treatment ends. So if that's the case, I'm going to be even happier with t
  9. LCH2685, thanks for sharing that with me!!!!!! OMG I am so excited to get off Accutane now! You are my new god. *bows*
  10. Day 159 : Week 22 Hello there everybody reading out there. Well, my face is smoother than it's ever been in the last 8 months, although there are a few blackheads peaking here and there. I still have red marks from old acne that's went away too. Those will fade in time though! I'm still taking one 40 mg pill 3x a day with meals. I have a good bit of dryness, decreased nightvision, irritability, and of course that damn depression thing slips in now and then. Someti
  11. I've been on Accutane since November 3rd and my last day is April 20th. Overall I've seen lots of improvement but the side effects are scaring me. I have the common dry lips and nose one. I sometimes have chronic fatigue but I do have the depression side effect. I don't have it terribly but I do have it. I am also experiencing the decreased nightvision side effect. How long does it take for these side effects to go away once treatment is over? Thanks alot in advance.
  12. Stick a bamboo shard up his wang and twist it a few times.
  13. I know just what you mean wildside. I often get fatigued, it comes and goes I've found.
  14. Even though I was happy before, I still wanted to rid myself of the bad breakouts I was having. I mean, they freakin' hurt and I couldn't even shave!