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  1. You may have felt stifled as a person for the last 3 years, but I have a good feeling that you are smart & articulate, and will really contribute something good once you find a way out. Have you thought about trying to use this suffering to your advantage? Suffering is hard for everyone, but I think it provides one of the best opportunities to learn about yourself and others. You're also not alone. At its worst with me, I missed 10 consecutive days of classes at University.
  2. I'll convert anything you want, any time you want, sweet pea.
  3. That is entirely my point. The fact that it is subjective (not to mention that this subjectiveness is compounded by the fact that there are objective differences in severity) should be an indicator that the question is baseless to begin with.
  4. Probably one of the most stupid and banal questions I have ever seen. Not only is acne case by case, but so are individuals with STDs. So you want to compare varying and complex problems with one another? With this in mind, it is just a weird and completely invalid thing to ask.
  5. Honestly, separating the world into 'us' and 'them' isn't going to help your cause whatsoever. You may not see the immediate problems of doing so, but glancing over your own ignorance is...even more ignorant. You could have made some caustic remark about something they are insecure about without even realizing it, thereby ruining their day. Instead of calling them ignorant, start educating them on how your 'group' feels.
  6. I grew out of it, I am now almost 22. I had moderate acne. It's sad to say that once I grew out of it I kind of forgot how I used to suffer. I would miss classes, not go out, etc. Now it seems like I'm complacent, like I have the attitude, "it's only acne, it's not serious, get over it people." I'm not sure why I became like that, I guess the liberation you feel starts to trump how you used to feel (or remembering how you used to feel).
  7. Seems like a few guys on here may be staring down Bigorexia, which is already a diagnosable mental disorder. On another note, to the original author, if you ever get tired of being self-indulgent like all these other people, you could always start volunteering. Cheers.
  8. I just meant that that sentence was stupid. I didn't really take in the rest of the post. Saying clear skin is our birth right is on par with saying designer jeans are our birth right.