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  1. Updated skin status as of Feb 27, 2007
  2. Hi Rue721, Sorry for very late reply, I have been travelling and didn't check this forum for quite a while. This is my own conclusion after reading and researching: Grouping of pimples is due to infected skin cells around one pimple. When the 1st pimple healed, the surrounding cell got infected and that's why the pimple seems to occur at the same spot or spread like a chain. My scars occur when the pimple heal. If the pimples were picked and had blood oozing, the scar will be deeper. I reall
  3. Left Cheek improvement as of 12/4/2006[attachmentid=6959] I ran out of post limit for pictures. Please visit my personal page to see the other pictures.
  4. Yes, I'm still using it to treat occasional pops of red bumps. The 'after' picture is actually from May this year. I've remained clear since initial treatment and with the continuous whitening products, my red marks have improved significantly. I'm planning to take an update skin condition. Those who know me are complimenting how much I've improved from my initial uncontrollable outbreak.
  5. Had my first breakout at age 28 (I have baby like skin before with no acne) and was so deeply depressed. Tried many products and seen dermatologists several times without any result. Then, my sister in law suggested I try a topical gel containing Clindamycin HCL 1%. I was totally cleared of active acne in 4 weeks and when new zits come on, I spot treat and they are gone in 3-4 days. I'm now using Kose whitening product to reduce the red/brown marks. Have seen improvements so far. Check out my
  6. My breakout started at age 28. Had a VERY SERIOUS breakout for some reason. Tried almost all popular products without any luck. Then, I tried gel containing clindamycin. I am now completely clear, and when I have zits, I just use the same gel to spot treat & they heal in about 3-4 days for new zits.
  7. I suggest you try product containing clindamycin. My skin always take a toll whenever I fly, but with this, my skin remains completely clear for recent 20 hours international flight. If I get occasional bumps/zits, I just spot treat it and it'll go away in 3-4 days.
  8. I am having similar problem and using gel containing Clindamycin to treat them. They went away in 3-4 days for me.
  9. I had similar thoughts and was about to give up until my sis in law gave me a product containing clindamycin to try. I had the attitude of :"ok, no harm to try, since almost everything I try is not working". Wow.. I got cleared! Have been getting compliments on how much improvement.
  10. My own experience is that my own acne spread to new area due to bacteria deep down under the skin. Once a lesion healed, the cell next to it started to be infected. Then, it went on and on with the cycle, and back to the original place where the 1st lesion started. I have searched and tried a few different products trying to stop this spread and finally found that clindamycin can stop it in track. All my chain acne is gone.
  11. I think Gycolic acid will help, but if you're using it at least 2 times per week on a continuous basis. I'm using that, plus putting on scar remover with vit a plus allantoin to help further fade mine. Has been happy so far.
  12. I'm using scar remover with vit a and allantoin with my some indented scars. Before the scars are also in deep brown color. I've managed to fade it by at least 50% in 6 weeks and with makeup, it's much much less visible now.
  13. I'm using scar remover containing vit a and allantoin to help fade my red and brown spots on both cheeks. So far, the progress has been good as it's fading at least 50% on mine.
  14. I seriously doubt 2 months are sufficient. I had mine for over 12 months before I applied scar remover with vit a plus allantoin. I've managed to fade it by at least 50% so far.
  15. I've tried Neosporin, but stopped as it's very oily. I have not tried Bio-Oil, but I included scar remover with vit A plus Allantoin in my regimen. So far, it worked good for me.
  16. I'm using scar remover containing Vit A and Allantoin. In addition, I also mix in toning, whitening masks, and fruit acid peel. Before, I wasn't able to face anyone with bare face or even with makeup coz the marks 'shine' through the heavy makeup. Now, I can face my friends without makeup, and with makeup on, it's much less visible that the new group of friends have been complimenting me that my skin is good condition!
  17. Can also try out Aveeno ultracalming moisturizer. It contains willow bark.
  18. I would guess it is related to age. When I'm 16-18, there is no red marks even on those that I poked and bleed. But at 28, even if I don't pop/bleed, there is red marks. Our skin cell/body turnover rate has slowed and not as active as in 16-18. To fade the marks leftover, I'm using scar remover with vit A plus Allantoin content. Been on it for 6 weeks and seeing improvement.
  19. I don't think 3 weeks will work for the marks to fade. I treated mine for 6 weeks with scar remover containing vit a plus allantoin and has been satisfied with the fading progress.
  20. Try cleaning products containing tea tree oil and witch hazel.
  21. The indented scar will not totally go away, but you can make it lighter, more closer to the remaining area skin tone. It will requires some work and a period of time. I have similar scar like that on both cheeks, small area, but I am already freaking out. I am using scar remover that contains Vit A plus Allantoin. Allantoin is an ingredient that can promote new cell growth and repair damaged tissue/cell. I add it into my other routine, such as using brightening mask more frequently, toning, and
  22. I've tried mederma, it helps little. I am using scar remover containing Vit A plus Allantoin. It faded my red marks after using it for 6 weeks. Though it didn't completely fade it to skin color, I'm satisfied with the progress.
  23. You'll need to treat the active acne before you can treat the marks. Before, I was treating both and my acne and marks both get worse as my skin got more irritated. I have successfully treat active acne with topical clindamycin 1% and now concentrating in treating red marks/scar with scar remover containing vit a plus allantoin. Have been on it for 6 weeks and seeing improvements.
  24. vit c serum is good for marks. But you need to keep using it for some time to see result. Also, a few things to keep in mind when buying vit c serum in store. The serum needs to be clear color, not brown. If it's brown, then, it has oxidized and has no more vit c potency. If it's clear to very mild brown, then it's good/fresh. Also, the bottle needs to be in dark color as vit c lose potency with direct light/heat. So, you'll need to finish the serum in short amount of time when you open it and s
  25. Keep up with Rosehip product. I'm taking vit c with rosehip. Also, you can find topical product containing vit C and put on spf moisturizer during the day. At night I'm using scar remover containing vit a plus allantoin and have been using it for 6 weeks with improvements on my marks.