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  1. things are good here, what about you? A little late for a reply, I know.

  2. Hey brotha good to hear from you, so hows life been? Oh and happy holidays brotha.

  3. Dude, long time.

  4. Thanks buddy. Tell Mrs. Collins that I hope she's well.

  5. Ahhh shit!!!!! its my boys birthday. Have a good one brotha:)

    Oh and the Kitty_ Collins aka betty crocker says Hi!

  6. All that junk about weed killing your brain cells is bulllshit.
  7. Same old, same old. What's new at the org? I forgot about this place up until a month ago.

  8. Ive been doin great! just workin and livin to the fullest. How bout you?

  9. It's been awhile, man. How you been?

  10. Long time no see my brother ;)

  11. Ice helps with itching, I don't see why it wouldn't work on your face.
  12. I've been nowhere and everywhere, man, what the fuck is up?

  13. dude where ya been? i got a surprize visit from the infamous Kitty. hope everything been gold with ya.