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  1. Been back on tane for about 2 months now. I had forgotten, fully, how my body reacts to it-just went through my journal...and I'm basically suffering from the same issues as before. This time, she started me on 20mg, which I was fine, a little sluggish/worn down, but fine. It was upped to 40mg, and since that time, I've been soooo tired and everything is drying out. On the good side, my oil is gone, makeup is staying on and blackheads are slowly disappearing. Still unsure whether to continue t
  2. Do you think they're going to increase it over time, just to see our tolleration? I really was looking forward to a decrease in oil production, but doubt it will do anything on 20mg.
  3. Gosh, I hope that it makes somewhat of a difference, but I doubt I will go into remission again at such a low dose! I hope they are going to increase it! Will it even affect my oil production? Will it get rid of my blackheads like it did last time?
  4. Ok, so I talked to HR, and apparently accutane has to be "overridden" for my particular case, it will be good for a year. I'm still appalled by everything I have to go through to get this medication! What an insult to go online and take that stupid test about how to get prego...I am 28 years old! I know how to get pregnant! ERRRR....venting!
  5. Ok, so last time I was on tane I was on 60mg, I went in remission for almost exactly one year, and the pimples and cysts came back-along with a lot of oil! Now, my new derm is only prescribing 20mg. Is 20mg going to do anything at all? Is it even worth it? Is this normal?
  6. Ok, so I've been through a mess with the ipledge program, and went to go pick up my accutane, and my insurance said that it doesn't cover it. I have beechstreet insurance. Does anyone know what is going on? Has this happened to anyone? I'm going to talk to HR tomorrow, but I am not impressed by this insurance company!
  7. This is ridic...iPledge is a mess and now I have to wait another month. This is sooooo ridic!
  8. One more day to go! New cyst today on forehead. My skin feels a lot bumpier than usual. Ok, I put retin a micro on my face about a month ago, it peeled and I sort of picked it. It was around my smile lines, and now they are deeper, almost scared there now! Anyone have this experience too? I am going to ask the derm about botox, but it just seems so expensive to do and I am so young! Not even sure it will work!
  9. How much did it cost you??? I saw something like $15/unit at my derm...do you know what that means? I swear the retin a micro got into my smile lines on one side of my face and have made them deeper. Not even sure botox will work. I am only 28, and I hate looking old!!!
  10. It all depends on the derm. I've been to several derms...one of them said some people go on low dose for maintenance, but he was a rather liberal derm-and would've given it to me if I asked. Another one I went post accutane said that since I wasn't breaking out, it didn't warrant going on accutane again just for oil. Now, this new one i have didn't even want to give it to me even though I am breaking out again and an oily train wreck! I would suggest investigating derms, make appts, find one th
  11. Really??? I thought you had to wait until after...at least three months after??? Wouldn't it scar???
  12. Does anyone know if there is a certain period of time you have to wait after you get botox injections to go on accutane? I have an appointment to get my first prescription on Friday, and would like to get a filler done before i go on accutane...is it possible?
  13. This is very f-frusterating! I am on the same page! I am 28 and going to go on my second round of accutane. I have resistant acne for years, probably since elementary, have used everything, went on accutane finally and finished it up almost exactly a year ago. I didn't have to do hardly anything to my skin for a year!!! Then, it happened...a pimple here and there...more oil...now it's out of control. Derm didn't want to give me accutane...even though he's got perfect skin and has used it hims
  14. Ok, more papules today...under the skin...where they don't usually form...I can't wait until Friday!!!