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  1. Hello, I have been suffering from terrible oily skin for than 3 years. When I wash my face in the morning, 2 hours later it's completely oily. There is also a lot of blackheads on my nose. I also suffer from enlarged pores. I have tried many things over the years including using face wash (different brands), large doses of vitamin B5, vitamin A, D, K zinc, clay masks, Differin gel, tretinoin, other retinoids and retinols, Niacinamide, Jojoba oil and lot of other things with no success. Only th
  2. I can relate. The first time I skipped school because of acne (November 2012) marked the beginning of my fight with acne. 5 years later I still sometimes skip school or other occasions, because of acne and feel like shit afterwards. I'm not going to say that don't do it, because I know how it feels. But try to think that most people don't really care about others acne. If they say something harsh, they usually forget what they said very quickly. Keep your head up and try to hold on.
  3. This past week has been an absolutely hell for me. Not that I would look terrible, I just had some very dark feelings and felt really depressed and anxious. When I think about that I will graduate in like 6 months and have to go through the process of looking for a job, while I dont really have any friends and never really clicked with anyone ... it made me really really sad. So sad, that I booked an appointment with a psychiatrist. Well today I had the appointment and wasnt really looking that
  4. You are not alone. I can definitely relate. I have been dealing with this madness for more than 5 years now. It has defined my life ever since. I also have 0 friends and my social life is non existent. In couple of months I will finish college and I can't imagine dealing with this at work. I mean no one, who goes to work has acne, it's going to be so embarrassing. My life is super boring and if I want to do something different and go for example on a trip, I have basically 2 options. Go alone, a
  5. I mean, if that's gonna help you, then go ahead and try that.
  6. Hi, I've been using Sudocream for 3 and a half years and it's one of the best things I've used. It works best on recently popped pimples, when it helps with the healing a lot. It's not very effective on new pimples and those, which are just forming. It also helps with the redness and swelling. I would continue using it, and if you don't see any changes in the next couple of weeks, than maybe try something different.
  7. I can totally relate to your story. Acne has stopped me from doing what I want. But you have to stay positive. I mean if you want to be an actor, take a look at Brad Pitt. He also started acting in his late 20's or early 30's and suffered from acne. There is an old proverb saying "Good things come to those who wait" I have been fighting for 5 years and I'm emotionally the worst I have been, but I believe that there will come the day, from which everything will be better.
  8. I can relate to most of the stuff you wrote. I have also lost the past 5 years of my life by caring about my skin and not doing most of the stuff that normal people do. And there is no sight of escaping all this struggle. I can only hope that a special day will come, when everything changes and I will have a clear skin for the rest of my life. But until then I have to keep on surviving. I really hope that you will get rid of it as well.
  9. Hang in there, you barely have any pimples at all. It could be much worse. But if you want to improve your skin, you should try different products to see, which one helps you the most. And also try to cut dairy or chocolate out of your diet for a few weeks and observe changes to your skin.
  10. Im feeling terrible today. Last week I was looking sort of OK and I had a job interview, which I won and the boss said that I should come today for the first time. Unfortunately during the weekend I developed a giant pimple on my cheek, which made me really depressed. Today I had to call him and lie to him, that I cant come today. Yes, first day at a new job and I was unable to come due to a giant zit. Now I have to lie to my family, why I wasnt at work. I hate these moments ... I wish my acne p
  11. Today I am looking worst in this year so far. I cant even count how many new pimples have appeared. I try to hide from everything and everyone. In addition to that I have been feeling sick the whole week and I lost my voice. I mean I cant even show up anywhere + I cant talk. And this upcoming week I have so many important events, I dont know how can I handle all this stuff. Hopefully some miracle will happen or something. I have been only surviving and not living for the past 5 years that I have
  12. I believe it's like natural selection. People with hideous acne won't find their partners and wouldn't pass on their bad genes. So only attractive people reproduce and can create new attractive offspring. If for some reason you get acne, at least the bad gene ends with you. I mean this works until you don't cure your acne or find someone who will accept how you look.
  13. 6 months doesn't seem a lot to me , since I have had acne for 4 years. Just hold on and try to seek a cure that would work for you.
  14. Although I sympathize with people that have other diseases, I believe acne is a special type of disease. When you have most of other diseases, people usually can't tell from just seeing you, whether there is something wrong with you. Acne, on the other hand, is immediately obvious from just looking at someone. When someone is sick and at the hospital and you come visit, most of the times they look normal, but when you have acne, you don't even want people to come visit you.