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  1. Been using this stuff once a week for maybe 2.5 years now, and let me tell you, it has made a noticeable difference in my pitted scars. I looked in the mirror a couple of months ago and was like ... Whoa, where are they? It does a microdermabrasion every time you use it (if you really "go for it," that is). Your skin will be pink, and as smooth as a baby's behind. http://www.amazon.com/Pernox-Scrub-Cleanse...5970&sr=8-2 It is not like any other "scrub" on the market. The other ones all p
  2. Retin-A never gave me new scars, but it did bring OLD scars to the surface for a while. It was very odd.
  3. If the Retin-A / Pernox combo is a bad idea, then my skin doesn't know it. Really excellent results. I'm sticking with it. Pernox does not form a scab. It barely even turns the skin pink. And yet the stuff is amazing.
  4. Um ... you might want to amend your expectations. I've been on Retin-A .1% cream for 3 1/2 years and it has definitely helped. But my scars looked worse before they looked better. Retin-A seems to bring old scar tissue to the surface, so you have to be patient. I also use Pernox Scrub, which is unlike any other scrub and, in conjunction with the Retin-A, has made my skin look 10 years younger. It took over a year to reap the results, but it was worth the wait. I only use the Pernox once a week
  5. I started with the .05% cream, then switched to the .1% cream when my skin adjusted to the .05%. I've been on it for three years and three months and have noticed a definite improvement. Scars have smoothed over and wrinkles have diminished. I also use Pernox scrub, which is outstanding. When used together, they are a powerhouse combo.
  6. Hey, is anyone still using this stuff? I have been using it, on and off, for over a year and I am impressed. I have recently gotten into a regular cycle (once a week), and my skin is looking ten years younger. When combined with Retin-A, it is a real powerhouse. Fine lines and scars have been smoothing out. I really "go for it" when I use it. I scrub it into my skin for over a minute until my face starts to feel tender and then let it sit for a while before rinsing. I wouldn't recommend scrubb
  7. Are you certain that it's your scars that are driving women away? Or could it be the low self esteem that you are projecting? In general, women are attracted to men who know where they're going in life and who project confidence, leadership, poise, fortitude, etc. in the face of adversity. In my experience, a wise woman of good character will look past the exterior if a man has these attributes. And of course, women also look for things such as tenderness, patience, selflessness, and a willingne
  8. I've been on Retin-A for 28 months. It seems to "uncover" old scars when you first start using it, and this process can go on for over a year. It did with me. But now my mostly shallow scars are looking better each month. It works slowly, and you have to have a great deal of patience. As a wrinkle reducer, there is nothing better. I use the .1% cream.
  9. A gauze pad, folded twice, works the best for me.
  10. I bought it online. I used it last night for the first time. It's a great exfoliator but leaves my skin shiny. I am thinking it might break up scar tissue -- it's like a daily microdermabrasion -- if used consistently for a year or more. My scars are fairly shallow. We'll see.
  11. I just purchased a 4 oz. tube of this stuff for twenty U.S. Dollars. It's a bit pricey. Is anyone out there using it? Any effect on scars? (Wishful thinking, I know.)
  12. You need to use Retin-A (tretinoin) consistently over a long period of time to see results, and the stronger formulations are better. I started with the .05% cream 26 months ago and switched to the .1% a year later. I've seen pretty good results. Recently I began mega-dosing on Vitamin C in the hope that it would accelerate collagen formation. What I've learned over the years is ... To be successful with Retin-A, or most any other cosmetic product, you must have patience and perseverance in yo
  13. Actually, I thought your post was very appropriate. People who display "attitude" need a spanking sometimes.
  14. I've tried the APEEL Correct twice, with no peeling. It's on my face now. I'm going to let it sit for an hour to see what happens.