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  1. diet has everything to do with acne.. i don't eat mcdonalds but when i do i am gauranteed to get some kind of breakout.. usually the deep red painful ones
  2. Are you eating anything oily like Currys.. deep fried food?
  3. Dood, call in a sickie.. its all you can do. You can arrange a special photo shoot on another day.
  4. Somehow you confused my usage of the word Dry.. I didn't mean Dry and Flakey.. I meant patted down with a towel until the skin is at its natural moistness..
  5. When work or school gets too hard and you know you can't take any more there is only one thing to do - Quit.. But I think you can rough it
  6. maybe the trick is to find a balance between scrubbing and clensing..
  7. The last time I checked I wasn't a vampire.. theres nothing wrong with a little bit of healthy sun exposure.. But hey maybe sunscreen isnt such a bad idea.. Ive got a few freckles that ive never really been that fond of.
  8. Posh - wow.. that really does suprise me.. I thought bad skin was acceptable when your frickin brad pitt lol.
  9. I know a few people who smoke it daily and they don't have skin problems.. I think your barking up the wrong bush..
  10. In my experience the bumpy skin like you have mentioned comes directly from having a bad diet with too much salt / oil.. That stuff will be the first to clear up if you stop eating fast food etc..
  11. http://www.bio-oil.info/ There are several natural oil's like this one which clear up redness etc.. You look good anyway, a smile would go a long way
  12. No lie, If I go to macca's right now and get a combo, tomorrow i'll have a deep red pimple in the making..
  13. Ahh ... A nightmare that I'm all too familiar with.. You really feel like shit after you've done it.. because you know you should have left it alone :/ Solution - learn from your mistakes, don't do this again! Let it turn into a big ugly whitehead before you even contemplate popping it.. and even then.. be extremely careful not to over-squeeze etc..
  14. Why even use sunscreen on the face? Got something against hats ?