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  1. Careful, accutane is very expensive. I don't think it would be within the financial reach of an average 13-year old. Not to mention the derm appointments... Yeah, but I think you need accutane. Most people only report dried skin and lips and a bit of stiff joints. Nothing too serious.
  2. It would be hard to make such an antibiotic that targets a specific species of bacteria. Most antibiotics are broadly-based. Tetracycline targest gram-negative bacteria. A certain amount of research would be nessecary to find "the perefect cure" and since acne vulgaris isn't a life-threateing disease, I don't think it would be on too many scientist's top prioritiy lists. Please excuse my English, I am Italian.
  3. I am sorry about the confusion. I am a qualified dermatologist. It is my children who are causing the trouble. They seem to think they can log onto my account and start playing "tricks" with it, such as destroying my internet privacy. Let me assure you, I have dealt with them accordingly. I know this may seem hard to believe but I am actually a 31-year old dermatologist working in Auckland, NZ. Rest assured, my kids will not wreak havoc here any further. They have been barred from this website
  4. Fish tetracycline contains many different chemicals and compounds that are not suitable for the human body. Such chemicals may have the potential to cause liver and kidney disease. I would advise you to see a professional dermatologist (like me) and obtain a perscription from there. These things are very risky and should be dealt accordingly. Sorry if I came a bit harsh on your first post.
  5. Hey everyone. I'm a 15-year old girl and I have horrible acne. I cant get a perscription either (there really expensive here) So I saw tetracycline being sold in a pet shop once. But it was designed to be used for fishes only (these dont need a perscription). Can humans take this as well? I'd love some help and advice. Thanks!!
  6. As I am a qualified dermatologist... Vitamin A (aka Retinol) is a fat-soluble vitamin. Taking exessive doses, usually over 100,000IU will cause toxicity. This occurs because retinol cannot be dissolved in water and flushed out of the body. Instead, it is stored within the liver. Over time, bad side effects may occur. Cod liver oil is an excellent source of vitamin A. Carrots contain the precursor, known as beta carotene. Your body would process the beta carotene and through many chemical react
  7. Here's a word from me, a dermatologist... Although the sex hormone testosterone is the primary cause of acne you do not develop spots because you have too much of this hormone or are over-sexed. Masturbation and whether you have sex or not has no effect on acne and certainly does not cause it. Yet, many people have indeed experienced breakouts after a session of sex. In short, if it makes your skin worse, then avoid it. If it doesn't, then feel free to do whatever yu want. Therefore, I conclu
  8. If you are a dermatologist, assuming you took a chemistry course once in your life, then you'd know that vinegar has a low pH (around 3)...... labgirl strikes again Sorry, forgot about that. It was 2:00AM in the night and I was a bit intoxicated. Luckily, im better now. I must've misread the original poster's statement saying that acids have high pH. Now i remember, its the alkalis that have the high pH levels. thanks.
  9. Sometimes, a patient or two of mine would usually ask me this question. I'd just tell them that it is a pure urban legend. Vinegar has a hight pH level and (artificially synthesized) bi-component of urea would perform a much better, albiet superpreceeded results. Anyway, if you want to go ahead with the procedure, please do not hesitate to continue. Just a word of interest from a dermatologist
  10. okay, the cod liver oil seems to be the best out of the choices. i bought a bottle today and am planning to drink 5 tablespoons a day forver. that sounds nice. the vinegar (tastes awaful) so i cant do that though. as for the other ones, i was wondering becoz they might remnove oils but i guess theyre too strong, lol. anwyay, thanks, how about... bleach (whioch contains hydrogen peroxide) plant-grower (contains salicyclic acid)
  11. careful about working out, it may aggrevatye ur PIMPLES
  12. But retin-A (9cis retinoic acid) is always used as a topical agent, not in capsules. What would be so wrong about having it it capsule form? It has the same atomic configuration as isotretinoin but only has different ionic configurations. another question, where can i get RETINAL, not retinol???
  13. congrats Ac3 for having exactly 444 posts!!! i never knew that that would be possible to achieve, hahahah. im only on like 20 posts, lol. i dont know about him but im here to help others (but it doesnt seem as though i am good at helping people either, lol) anyway, congratulations for reaching the 444 milestone. now lets look towards achieving 555. remember, I will be with you every step of the way, a helping hand is just a PM away. ^ hey that rhymes!!! i am VERY good at poetry. there was me
  14. Is acne bacteria gram-postivie or gram-negtive? I it is a gram-positive bacterium, then wouldnt C66H75Cl2N9O24, branched tricyclic glycosylated nonribosomal peptide produced by the fermentation of the Actinobacteria species Amycolatopsis orientalis (Vancomycin) remove the bacteria if used as a topical agent? The line-inhibiting linezolid and the carbapenems have too much side effects so I guess they're out. What do you guys think?
  15. careful, its illegal. makesure you choose the right type for you and dont go wrong with the dosages. Feel free to choose either the genuine one or a generic one, there all alright, Personally, i would recommend a derm as they can be a great help. remember,since youre doing this all by yourself, youll have to accept the risks and responsibilities and you wont be able to blame it on anyone even when things go wrong. online pharmacies??? go to www.google.com and youll find yourself a good one. be