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  1. Ok so here's the deal. I'm 16, I have mild acne. I've been on 10mg of accutane for 1 month. And after that 20mg for another month. And so far no improvement. But anyways to my question... I'm going to cancun / In Feb. and I was wondering if you guys had any tips!? Of course I am going to wear tons of sunblock and stuff...but is it safe to go there, I mean I'm just scared cause I don't wanna come back with hyperpigment and have red blotchy skin forever 8-[ . So if anyone has any tips or want to
  2. Yeh I did for a long time too...So i hoping that 20mg does the trick. Cause on 10mg...i had no dryness what so ever...except my lips. But my face wasn't dry at all. So I'm hoping for nice skin in a month or less!!
  3. yes i was prescribed 10mg last month for my mild acne....but i just went into the derma about 4 days ago and he bumped it up to 20mg...
  4. Hey y'all! Ok here is the deal...I have been on doxycline and that didn't work that great so then the derma. put me on mino...and WOW! That worked great I mean I had clear skin for months and months. And I got a pimple now and then and it usually went away within a couple days. Well I guess my luck has run out cause I'm starting to get pimples again..dammit. And those little whiteheads are coming back again too...grrrr. And I've been on mino for like 6 or 7 months...and I have like 1 refill left