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  1. I praise you for being optimistic regardless of how much you seem to be struggling It moves me when I see others suffering, You've no idea the extent to which my desire to help every single person having his life ruined because of something he has no control over but what can I do I can't even help myself Urghhhhh it kills me.
  2. Agreed in most aspects, the psychological factor doesn't bother me that much lately though in terms of scarring I've given up to reality "Still sad but have come to an understanding with my condition" However what irritates me is that my face actually hurts like hell recently because of active acne I can't sleep on my cheeks or enjoy anything while my face is stinging 24/7.... I've tried all kinds of topical and oral medications either my body can't handle it or it has absolutely zero effect on
  3. Venting is good for the soul, Almost 100% of topics and posts related to psychological causes of acne all over the forum you'll notice a vast wide variety of people expressing their depression the same way you just did, Saying the same exact words, And grieving with the same exhausted mentality because of something they've never had any idea what the extent of the devastation to which it would cause to someone before it impacted them. I'm not sure anymore if there is a perfect combination of
  4. You definitely have guts, I get terrified when I remotely touch my skin in the morning while washing it !! However I'm so glad for you that you managed to get results to a satisfactory extent.
  5. It's the bitter reality we all had and still have to go through of course every single one of us can relate to your story, I'm understanding to the point that I never censured people who pointed it out having considered the possibility that they had no idea how devastating it is to us being dissected and interrogated "Metaphorically speaking" about the root cause of our hyperpigmented skin. I still remember people's stares and comments in regard to my skin 8 years ago it's really something y
  6. I personally don't hold any grudge against him obviously what he's doing is helpful for other people and as I said no one has the right to deny anybody from thinking that way. It's just that our disbelief derives its strength from seeing these kinds of videos with absolutely zero effect, Thus I start thinking to myself "Omg I've sought so many of these videos and articles claiming to have massive impact on my negative mentality yet I feel awful because now that It didn't influence me in any
  7. I can't help but think of these hysterical concepts, Please don't judge my messed up mentality just blame the circumstances. A parallel universe : Oh man I haven't been getting acne for 8 years it sucks and what devastates me even more is that my skin is so smooth also having this really annoying red tone around my cheeks. Why Can't I just be like the vast majority with bumpy complexion !!!! Is it too much to ask. Having said that it illustrates how normality and ordinariness are the onl
  8. @SNDR To be honest it's pathetic sometimes I try to setup this kind of atmosphere deliberately and try to maintain this belief that it's not severe as it appears under bright lights actually It improves my mood a ton then one day I take a quick spontaneous glance at my face while washing it in the morning and return to the zeropoint again. The cycle goes on. But seriously I'm starting to deeply believe that scars specifically and skin in general gets affected tremendously based on how h
  9. Yeah right I totally forgot, My dermatologist suggested "Vbeam" during my accutane course every 3 weeks, However I didn't do it because all I heard about was how unsafe it is having similar procedures during accutane. As I said I had the exact same red marks around my cheeks and it took about 5 months to start fading out, I don't go out in daylight unless I'm forced to also I always wear sunscreen so it's either that or exfoliation but the redness is definitely not as apparent as it was and I'
  10. Antidepressants work on the mood regardless of the circumstances I assume it makes a depressed person tend not to make a big deal about what he thought is the source of his dilemma and undervalue from its importance to him, I dunno how this process functions exactly but a friend of mine had been on Prozac and he assured me it helped him a ton to disregard the root cause that made him suffer from psychological disorders in the first place. I've come across people who said that if they invent
  11. @SNDR Lotion with permanent effectiveness I wouldn't mind applying any disgusting matter on my whole body just to smooth out my skin texture when I go out.
  12. Pimples filled with blood and fluids are the worst but I praise you for being cautious enough not to pop them, basically as far as I know vessels tend to clot blood where this kind of pimples occurs. I had the same problem but I wasn't as wary as you were unfortunately I couldn't help but surrender to the urgent desire to unintentionally squeeze them so it left me some depressed scars around my cheeks. To be frank I dunno what kind of treatment or medication is the most suitable for this kin
  13. I've noticed that you always have low regard for your looks let's say that other people sees you through a different perspective from what you have in mind having said that if you want my honest superficial opinion I think you're good looking even with scars. Plus you've the courage to post tons of pictures over the internet I wouldn't dare anymore to even secretly take a quick glance at my own face!!
  14. Same here, Every goddamn night I sleep hoping for a miracle the next day nevertheless I know down inside it's not gonna happen why would things change miraculously all of a sudden when there aren't even the slightest indications. It's been 8 years for me how many more years will this thing waste of my life. "Not just life it's the exact time where we should be enjoying it to the fullest not spending the most precious period of our life span overwhelmingly in an everlasting overthinking mode.
  15. I'm quite depressed actually with a failed suicide attempt stopped taking Accutane because it made my condition get worse and for other reasons then I was prescribed antidepressants and refused to take it because I knew it was gonna mess me up more, Just reading the side effects makes me wanna vomit (Headache - upset stomach - shivering - dizziness - trouble sleeping - loss of appetite - fever - muscle aches - rash - hair loss - inflamed joints ) And other probable side effects far more dangero
  16. I wouldn't have been the person I'm if it hadn't been for acne, However it has its pros and cons It turned me into a complicated human being to a stressful extent who tend to analyze every little detail around him. The insignificant incident that takes a normal person about five minutes to call it a situation and be on his way to practice his daily routine would take me a whole day or even more to remotely just fade out momentarily I claim to have wisdom and see things through a sophisticate
  17. @SNDR Similarities just keeps pouring In, Tv shows "all genres" / sports / Video games / Anime and any entertainment relative stuff you know it helps easing the tension.
  18. I've olive skin as well before I had acne I always thought it had its pros and cons but acne just messes it all though regardless of the skin tone. The thing is everyday I unintentionally find myself doing my daily researching routine about new treatments and stuff and I come across ancient outdated treatments I've never even heard of before and new ones, I get all optimistic and worked up about it because I think of the possibility that there has to be some kind of a treatment I missed whic
  19. A wide combination of all kinds of scarring types (Rolling/Ice pick/Hyperpigmentation...etc) The last dermatologist I went to convinced me to try Accutane I had never considered it because of the side effects and horror stories surrounding it I'm quite paranoid as you already must have discovered about my personality by now, However I stopped because my liver enzymes got so high. He almost persuaded me into a laser session of a device responsible for vascular treatments even though I stresse
  20. Oh man more similarities here's another common interest we share "Curiosity". I'm from Egypt Believe me right here the progress of civilization stopped once we built the pyramids Lol the country is not actually as movies pictures it whatsoever but efficiency wise we are trash in 90% percent of modern-day fields not just medical care. Fasten your seat-belt this is gonna take a while. For instance I did a couple of erbium yag laser sessions in one of the most well-known cosmetic centers in
  21. I am happy to hear that my story, though only momentarily, gave you some positive feeling. We're often stuck in a certain behavior or way of thinking because of many different circumstances, but people around us don't realize that and immediately start sticking labels that it's something expected, normal, typical for us... I hate that. You sound like someone who's really good at analyzing yourself, Khaled. Don't think of psychiatry as last resort, it's actually a first step! You will be ab
  22. Khaled, I would maybe say stop having expectations based solely on clearing acne. We, who suffer from this condition, try out diets and medications with the only goal - to clear our faces, often forgetting that we should first of all start off by improving our overall health. Try making steps to a generally healthier lifestyle, without expecting that it will directly clear you up. Like really, take up something thinking : I'm doing this for better sleep/digestion/energy or whatever it could be.
  23. Khaled, I would maybe say stop having expectations based solely on clearing acne. We, who suffer from this condition, try out diets and medications with the only goal - to clear our faces, often forgetting that we should first of all start off by improving our overall health. Try making steps to a generally healthier lifestyle, without expecting that it will directly clear you up. Like really, take up something thinking : I'm doing this for better sleep/digestion/energy or whatever it could be.
  24. This seriously puzzles me. Where I'm from I see guys with really bad acne and scarring and they have no problem getting good looking girls. Myself i also think scarred face doesnt look that bad on a guy. Maybe the real problem is confidence? As far as I know, inflammatory acne around the mouth is due to serious stomach/gut issues, try looking into that. I always get nasty pimples on under-the-nose area and very close to my lips when my eating gets worse. Just healed my recent around-the-mouth
  25. I notice several comments every now and then mentioning how Acne shouldn't be an obstacle of getting involved in a relationship with someone you love, I give people who say that the benefit of the doubt their intentions are only to be supportive and caring. I just have one question, Hypothetically someone falls in love with me how am I supposed to have a normal relationship with a person who I can't even kiss because I've inflammatory acne all over my mouth ? I myself don't think it's approp