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  1. Sorry to bump a thread that was so far back, but I wanted to give a little update to those who were confused about the whole fish oil thing... I talked to my doctor yesterday afternoon and asked him about my headaches (had to get off of Accutane for the time being because of it, unfortunately...) and then about the vitamins. He said he thought vitamin E would be fine, as well as the flaxseed oil, but told me to stay away from ANY supplement with vitamin A or derivatives. Small amounts of vitami
  2. Hi there, Is the bloodwork you'll have on Oct 17th a second pregnancy test? Because I'm pretty sure you need two negative pregnancy tests before Accutane can be prescribed to you. I'm a female too, and went through some serious crap with iPledge because my pregnancy tests weren't scheduled exactly 30 days apart or less. Depending on how difficult iPledge wants to be, you might end up having more than two (I had 5-6..), but I hope that doesn't happen to you. A few extra days shouldn't make any
  3. I would like to know about this also. I heard that fish oil helps with clearing acne. However, I have also read on this forum somewhere that its not good to take Vitamin A with Accutane. I've read before that fish oil is fine or beneficial for the skin during Accutane as it promotes and provides beneficial fats. Ask your dermatologist about Vitamin E. Many prefer patients to avoid it now, or say that it is insignificant anyway. Bradly Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't aware some dermatol
  4. I'm on the 8th day of my Accutane course (40mg once daily) and just bought some fish oil capsules, flaxseed oil and vitamin E capsules to help guard my skin, eyes and hair from dryness and also to protect my joints from any possible aches and pains. I'm not worried about the flaxseed oil or vitamin E, but I have my concerns about the fish oil because it contains some vitamin A. It has 200 IU per serving (two pills). Do you guys believe this could be a problem? How much is 200 IU? Is that consid
  5. I think he is taking ibuprofen, but I'm not sure how often or how effective it is for his pain. I'll suggest the Aleve to him too, though. As for infections or fevers, no -- he hasn't had anything like that recently. But I will most definitely tell him that he needs to go have himself checked out by his doctor. Thanks for the suggestions/advice, Wynne. :) - Lexxi
  6. Hello, My older brother started his first course of 'Tane last year and about 4 months ago he started experiencing joint pain in his hips. Since then, his pain has gotten better, but it always flares up when he plays basketball or does any kind of jumping or high impact exercises. The pain is tolerable when he's inactive, but it's been 4 months already and the pain isn't completely gone. Right after he started experiencing the pain, he immediately called his Dermatologist and she recommended th
  7. Thanks so much for all the tips/advice and comments, everyone! JC, Sorry for your troubles with hair loss. Looking at beentheredonethat's explanation for hair loss on Accutane, it sounds like your hair should be just fine. You weren't on the medication very long so I don't see why your hair wouldn't return back to normal. Glad to hear you were successful with clearing up your skin though. beentheredonethat, Thanks for your post. I actually feel much better. I've never even gotten such an exp
  8. Hello everyone, After trying and failing with a load of different acne medications and procedures (including creams, pills, and light therapy), I'm seriously considering taking Accutane for my acne. The BP regimen works decently (especially considering I have very severe acne), but I still have a ton of painful, ugly pimples on my face. I'm starting to feel really desperate and don't seem to have many options left. My question is: if I decide to take it, what are some measures I can take to pro