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  1. Hello All, I just recently started Megadosing vitamin B-5 (using 1000mg timed release divided into 4 doses a day for a total of 10g) and am taking a multivitamin (the one a day kind) as well as vitamin c (2 500 mg chewable tablets), both in the morning. Do you guys think the MV and the vitamin C will reduce the effects of the B-5?
  2. Hello all, If for example i apply some Benzaclin to my face and 2 hours later I rinse my face thoroughly with water will it still be acting beneath the skin or something or will it stop working if I wash away the dry layer formed after its initial application. Also how long should I keep this dry layer on? And can I apply moturizer right when my skins becomes dryed/cemented-feeling 2 mins after application of the Benzaclin? Thanks