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  1. I'm inactive on this but you'll cure for sure. I had zero hope and my face was maybe three times worse. I'm cured now after several months. Check my log for pics!
  2. OH MY GOD MAN! CONGRATS Honestly so happy for you bro! You look great. I wonder If you'll see this cause you're inactive. I Randomly came on here after a while. I'm cured too after a distaster face! Me now. Final me
  3. ACNE FREE PIC. Thanks for all your support. Can't believe accurane worked!
  4. You're on a lower dose. So it takes more time. So you gotta give it time. Honestly I had no hope at all the first few months. My acne was horrible. Now it's all gone. Just red marks that are actually fading away now. But ya, all u need is time and patience. I say keep going. Eventually it'll get better! good luck.
  5. I've been accutane less for 1 week D: aggh. Missed the appointment. And now that skin specialist doctor is on vacation for about another week. Errr
  6. About day 26 month 3 today. I did miss one day though I happened to stayed in the USA overnight with family :/ anyways I have broken out a little more. Both cheeks have got new pimples. Red marks have gotten worse. Again it's probably from all the stuff I've been eating and missing one day this past weekend. Err it's annoying. But the pimples are going away faster and faster! hoping this is the last of my breaks outs! School starts in exactly 2 weeks from now.
  7. Two new pimples on my right cheek. Painful big ones too :/ agh. I shouldn't have ate all that chocolate yesterday.. But the rest of my face is clear of pimples. Again, just some blemishes and dark red patches from where the acne was once.
  8. I agree with GetMeTheResults. love your positivity dude! Keep it up.
  9. Day 19 today. The redness has really cooled down and is fading away even more..! My skin is actually becoming clear. By this point I can definitely say accutane has been doing its job! Phew. Just two pimples still around but are dying. Hopefully these marks/blemishes are gone soon! Like I said they are fading away more and more. Last week my cheeks had very red dark patches. Now lots of it is gone and it's not as red and more in my skin colour! acne is basically gone by now too. Woop woop!
  10. Thanks!! day 18 month 3 today. More clearing and face skin tone is readjusting itself back to its original colour! got one new pimple at the side of my face though :/ and then a small other one on my right cheek. But they're almost going away and it's only been a day. Getting better and better. Getting clearer and clearer by the day!
  11. Day 15 today of month 3... umm, I can say a lot of my acne Is gone. But I have red marks left from wherever the acne has cleared! I'm using bio oil to get rid of the red marks. I still have some pimples but it's not that bad and if you stand away from me my face looks clear. Cheeks got 1 active pimple on each side. But they're barely noticeable. Then one tiny one on my forehead. So in the first month I had like maybe 20-30 active pimples. Now down to 3. Just needa get rid of the redness lef
  12. Hey I'm, 15- male 50mg a day. on my 3rd month of accutane right now. Just be prepared for dry lips and skin! The first two months are gonna be bad. Well they were for me. Acne got worse and I got lots of breakouts. But in the third month, damn the tane really starts to work! I have a log for accutane so you can check that out if you want! Just remember it gets worse before it gets better! good luck