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  1. I kind of had the same problem than you. In my opinion you should go. I stop going to the derma too an broke out because I wouldn't use anything. Even though I was on Epiduo and stop using it. It was horrible. Go back to the derma it will take around 5 weeks to get it controlled over again.
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    |I have suffered of Acne since I turned 14 years old. I am not pretty sure about what triggered my acne, maybe it was genes, maybe it was puberty or maybe because I moved from Colombia to America. This could be sound a little weird but I am not the only one who has came out with this idea. Im 18 years old now, I have been moving a lot from Colombia to New York.( I do not like NYC :/) And every time I go back to my country my skin clears up in 1 week. The last summer(2014) I decided to move for a